Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Title: Mini Shopaholic
: Sophie Kinsella 
: chick-lit, fiction
: 9780385342049
: 418
Published: 2010
public library
: 5/5
Reason for Reading: #6 of the Shopaholic series

Book Description:

Becky Brandon thought motherhood would be a breeze and that having a daughter was a dream come true: a shopping friend for life! But it’s trickier than she thought. Two-year-old Minnie has a quite different approach to shopping.

Minnie creates havoc everywhere she goes, from Harrods to her own christening. Her favorite word is “Mine!” and she’s even trying to get into eBay! On top of everything else, Becky and Luke are still living with her parents (the deal on house #4 has fallen through), when suddenly there’s a huge financial crisis.

With people having to cut back, Becky decides to throw a surprise party for Luke to cheer everyone up. But when costs start to spiral out of control, she must decide whether to accept help from an unexpected source–and therefore run the risk of hurting the person she loves.

Will Becky be able to pull off the celebration of the year? Will she and Luke ever find a home of their own? Will Minnie ever learn to behave? And…most important…will Becky’s secret wishes ever come true?

My Thoughts: I loved this most recent–only a month old!–installment of the Shopaholic series. I’m beginning to pick up on a basic pattern to the books in the series: basically Luke is a workaholic and Becky gets into all sorts of trouble, most of which is to please Luke, and he doesn’t realize it, but it all works out happy in the end. I’m not saying the books are predictable–the problems Becky gets into are pretty hilarious! One thing I particularly liked about this book was that Kinsella sort of left the story a little open ended–something to do with a shopaholic boot camp, to kick the addiction :P–which could make a pretty humorous seventh installment in the series.

I do, however, dislike the title of this one: Mini Shopaholic. It doesn’t bother me that it is not following the norm of the previous five books (this can upset me, for some reason 🙂 ). But it does say Mini Shopaholic. To me, that led me to believe that the story was going to have more to do with Becky and Minnie. And, while there was a lot about Minnie towards the beginning, she sort of faded into the background and Becky became, again, the main focus. So, the title really could’ve been “Shopaholic Plans a Surprise Party”, as that is really what most of the story was about.

My Thoughts on the Cover: I think the cover is pretty self-explanatory. It’s not like the previous five covers, which sometimes bugs me, but I think it’s been a while since the last book and this is sort of a new stage in Becky’s life, so it’s okay. However, I also want to include another cover image for this book that I like. (The one above is the cover of the edition I have from the library.) I like this other cover more than the one I have because I think it just has a little more personality and character to it.

Quote I Like:

“If the will is there, anything is achievable with enough resources.” (p313)

I would like it better if there wasn’t “with enough resources”, but I could always just quote the first part 🙂

This is my second book finished–first
whole book read–during Dewey’s 24-Hour
Readathon 😀 😀

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