Never Forgotten – Forever Grateful

This is the best commercial in remembrance of 9/11 I’ve seen today.

Made me tear up a little.

While I may not always agree with everything our government or military does, I am very grateful to live in the United States.

And I am especially grateful for all the men and women who work outside the military that keep us safe–I think local policemen, firefighters, and EMTs get less attention than they deserve.


Ten years ago, when airplanes hit the World Trade Center buildings in New York, I was in 8th grade (14 years old). I was in my Social Studies class, when my Science teacher came running into the classroom and whispered animatedly with my S.S. teacher. They turned the TV around so no one could see it, turned it on and looked. I had no idea what was going on (not everyone had cell phones ten years ago). During lunch, my friends and I snuck up to the Band room and turned on the TV and watched. We didn’t really grasp what was happening. But I’ll never forget that day.

I am not an overly patriotic person. I’m not exactly proud of everything the US did, militarily speaking, after 9/11. But I am glad that I am fortunate enough to have so many freedoms. I cannot even imagine not being able to do/say/believe some things.

And I am particularly proud of my cousin, Dave, who has now spent a couple of tours oversees. Even though some of the most dangerous people in the world are no longer alive, what he does is still dangerous and I hope he gets to spend some more time at home when he gets back. He and his wife haven’t got much time to spend together since they married a couple years ago.