Interesting Bookish Things I Learn By Accident {2}

About a month ago, I finished listening to The Sheen on the Silk by Anne Perry on audiobook. I recently referred to it when I was updating my Where I’ve Been in 2012map–that’s a Google map on which I record the settings of the books I read. I couldn’t remember exactly where it took place, so I just looked up the book on Wikipedia and it redirected me to the Anne Perry page. Where I found this (Anne Perry was born Juliet Marion Hulme, FYI):

Murder and trial

Main article: Parker–Hulme murder

On 22 June 1954, the girls took Honora Rieper for a walk in Victoria Park in their hometown of Christchurch. On an isolated path Hulme dropped an ornamental stone so that Ms. Rieper would lean over to retrieve it. At that point, Parker had planned to hit her mother with half a brick wrapped in a stocking. The girls presumed that would kill her; instead, it took 45 frenzied blows from both girls to finally kill Honora Rieper. The brutality of the crime has contributed to its notoriety.

Parker and Hulme stood trial in Christchurch in 1954, and were found guilty on August 29 of that year. As they were too young to be considered for the death penalty under New Zealand law at the time, they were convicted and sentenced to be “detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure“. In practice, this sentence meant they were to be detained at the discretion of the Minister of Justice. They were released separately some five years later.

Parker and Hulme are not believed to have had any contact since their trial.[3]

These events formed the basis for the 1994 film Heavenly Creatures, in which Melanie Lynskey portrayed a teenage Pauline Parker andKate Winslet portrayed teenaged Juliet Hulme.

And I was like, “Ummm, what?!?!!?!” Would it not surprise you to learn that an author that you had assumed was normal was actually a murderer? It doesn’t change anything, I suppose, but that was definitely a weird thing to learn.

Interesting Bookish Things I Learn By Accident {1}

I was looking through my library database, searching for audiobooks narrated by Jim Dale. I loved his narration of Harry Potter and The Night Circus, so I wanted to listen to some more by him.

So, searching for Jim Dale as an author gave me a list of stuff to look through. But one thing that popped up was Pete’s Dragon, a Disney movie from the 1970s. I couldn’t believe it: Jim Dale is the bad guy in Pete’s Dragon!! I would never have got that from just hearing his voice.