Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery

TitleAnne of the Island
Author: LM Montgomery
Length: 243 pages
ISBN: 076783002951
Published in: 1915
Genre: fiction
Rating: 5/5

Summary (from book): LM Montgomery Mini-Challenge 2012, hosted by Giraffe Days

New adventures lie ahead as Anne Shirley packs  her bags, waves good-bye to childhood, and heads for  Redmond College. With old friend Prissy Grant  waiting in the bustling city of Kingsport and  frivolous new pal Philippa Gordon at her side, Anne tucks  her memories of rural Avonlea away and discovers  life on her own terms, filled with  surprises…including a marriage proposal from the worst fellow  imaginable, the sale of her very first story, and a  tragedy that teaches her a painful lesson. But  tears turn to laughter when Anne and her friends move  into an old cottage and an ornery black cat steals  her heart. Little does Anne know that handsome  Gilbert Blythe wants to win her heart, too. Suddenly  Anne must decide if she’s ready for love…

My Thoughts: I was a little skeptical about this one. I just love Avonlea so much that I was worried how much I could like this when Anne is hardly there at all during the book. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story. It must be Anne that makes the stories so wonderful.

I honestly had no idea that Anne had so many proposals! I believe there were four or five, not including the two times from one person. It must have been a very different world 100 years ago–for people to just propose on a practical whim with no real relationship between them. I realize that it’s just a story. But imagine!