…but that’s not me. by Erika Shalene Hull & Dr. Cheryl LeJewell Jackson

In recent years, non-fiction has been something I’ve found I enjoy reading. I used to believe it was a sign of old age, if one read non-fiction as much or even more than fiction. I know now that is unrealistic, and non-fiction is one of the best ways to be a lifelong learner. Different genres of fiction interest me, so it is no surprise that different topics of non-fiction make up my TBR list.

This book, …but that’s not me. Fitting the pieces together. The pieces of us all. by Erika Shalene Hull & Dr. Cheryl LeJewell Jackson, was brought to my attention by a longtime bookish friend, Natalie @ Coffee and a Book Chick. Though I’ve not read any non-fiction on the topic of domestic abuse in the past, this book description caught my interest.

Detailing the journeys of multiple women as they entered, endured, and escaped a wide range of domestic abuse, …but that’s not me. is a bold and powerful homage to strength, courage, and resilience. Stories are intertwined with hard-hitting truths about what domestic abuse is, how we find ourselves in abusive situations, the perpetuation of abuse, and the path to recovery.

The problem is not the amount or availability of information but the ability to recognize what is happening in the moments of the abuse. By telling the stories of average, hard-working women in middle-America, Hull and Jackson invite you into an awareness traditionally silenced, bringing attention to painful realities of abuse that will linger, etched on your heart, long after the book is closed.

Hull and Jackson write: “We aren’t out to hurt anyone, and it would be a lot safer and more comfortable to not tell these stories at all. But when we look at the faces of our children, our friends, and those suffering in silence, we can’t quietly sit back any longer. By having these uncomfortable conversations, we hope to encourage you to believe in yourself, learn to set better boundaries, and know that you are worthy and deserving of so much more.”

I have a feeling this book will be appeal to multiple audiences–those, like me, who want to learn & educate ourselves; some, who have lived it; others, who may one day find themselves in this position. A topic that has a stigma attached, such as domestic abuse, could do with being discussed more openly. By normalizing the discussion, it may help those in the future to recognize the signs and ask for the help they need to escape a situation. It seems this also focuses on the fact that, having gone through domestic abuse doesn’t define you. Survivors are individuals going through life’s journey, and they aren’t only abuse victims or survivors–they are multi-faceted human beings before, during, and after that part of their journey.

Co-authors Erika Shalene Hull & Dr. Cheryl LeJewell Jackson’s website, The CornHer Office, has a page dedicated to this book here (it includes a link to pre-order …but that’s not me. on co-author Erika Shalene Hull’s website, Better over Perfect)
Below are (non-affiliate) links to pre-order …but that’s not me., which will be released on December 4, 2020:
…but that’s not me. on Amazon
…but that’s not me. at Barnes & Noble
…but that’s not me. will be available at Target in January 2021

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