Blast from the Past–Gigi by Colette

430658Gigi by Colette
6/12/2007–47 pages–short story
Borrowed from WCDPL

A very funny tale about a young teenage girl in Paris. She lives with her single mother, who has really given her up to her Grandmamma who also lives with them. Gigi is a scatter-brained girl who has matured just enough to attract the admiration of an old family friend, Gaston. But Gaston is a bit of a ladies’ man who get a lot of attention by society. Gigi is torn between her own fondness of Gaston or the unwanted attention she will amass by being with him (I forgot to mention he’s an heir of large assets). In the end she chooses to be miserable with him rather than miserable without him.

I liked Gigi’s character, and her foolishness mixed with a hidden desire to be mature and grow up to the lady Grandmamma and Aunt Alicia wish her to be.


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