Sunday Salon {2/24/2013}

sunday salonI’ve been really bad at updating this blog for the past few months (what’s really more like half a year). I’ve been spending a lot more time with my other blog, Me…Healthier. But I have finally got back into reading more often, usually even daily.

I’m going to be keeping this blog pretty simple, from now on. It will pretty much consist of book reviews and these Sunday Salon posts. With the occasional post about reading events, like Dewey’s Readathon, or anything that comes up book related. So here goes…

(To catch up from the beginning of the year…)

Books Finished: 

Books Currently Reading:

  • Have You Seen Marie? by Sandra Cisneros (audiobook)
  • Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

Movies/Shows Watched:

  • Identity Thief was hilarious!!
  • Downton Abbey Season 3 (so sad it’s done for the season already!)
  • The Campaign wasn’t as funny as I thought it’d be, but still great

Shows Currently Watching:

  • How I Met Your Mother Season 8 (currently airing on CBS)
  • Two Broke Girls Season 2 (currently airing on CBS)
  • Big Bang Theory Season 6 (currently airing on CBS)
  • Glee Season 4 (currently airing on Fox)

If you’re interested, here’s a link to my Sunday wrap-up post at my other blog, Me…Healthier: weekly dish {2/24/2013}

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {2/24/2013}

  1. I think I’d enjoy Identity Thief….I haven’t been to the movies as much as I’d like lately….I loved The Paris Wife.

    Enjoy your week…and here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST

  2. swright9 says:

    Welcome back! The finale of Downton Abbey was sort of a bummer was it not? Geez why did the writers of the show do that?!@#! cheers

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