Sunday Salon {12/2/2012}

This weekend has been busy busy busy!

Friday: Ran some errands in the morning, followed by a step & sculpt class at the gym I’m joining for the winter with a couple of friends. I have to admit that I honestly didn’t think step aerobics would be too hard. I’m somewhat coordinated, so I picked up on the steps somewhat easily. But it was a harder workout than I thought it’d be, cardio-wise. But I loved it! It was fun πŸ™‚ Then I came home and cleaned the house for some overnight guests and put up a few Christmas decorations, including my tree! I went and got my nails done–the second time ever, the first being my own wedding. This time it was for my older sister’s wedding. We had the rehearsal and dinner Friday evening–it was pretty fun! I was sort of surprised that my sister’s husband wanted to go over it twice at the rehearsal–he’s been in nearly 10 weddings. I know it’s different when you’re the groom, but surly he paid some attention at the others, right? πŸ˜›

Saturday: Bright and early, I was up helping my sister get some stuff done at the reception hall. I came back home and visited more with my cousins and their toddler, the flower girl, before we all needed to get ready. We played this new (to me) game called Nachos, which was sort of like tri-ominos. Anyways, the wedding went off without a hitch. I did a reading fromΒ Jane Eyre. The reception was so fun! I learned to polka (very basics, I’m sure) and the steps to Cotton-Eye Joe. My sister put on safety glasses, a shower cap, and a long flannel shirt (that is her husband’s haha) in preparation for the cake-cutting πŸ˜€ My youngest sister got “violated” when a family friend had to put the garter on her after the bouquet and garter tosses. They did a dash for cash and donated all the money to my late cousin’s scholarship fund (this made probably 10 people cry!) Got to catch up with various cousins. Oh, and there was a frozen daiquiri machine!! (That’s really the only thing I drink, alcohol-wise. I don’t like the taste of much liquor.) And, best of all, my sister finally got to marry her dream guy. (I say finally because they’ve been together for 7 years, just like Nick and I had been before we got married.)


Sunday: Today, we had brunch at my parents and watched the happy couple (and their kids, my nephew and step-niece) open their gifts. We visited some more with family and friends. Then Nick and I went to his cousin’s house for their baby’s first birthday party–her birthday is the same day as Nick’s, which is the same day as his grandma, December 5th. Another cousin had a baby about a month ago–there are now 7 granddaughters on Nick’s mom’s side of the family, NO BOYS! There will be a big prize of new clothes and toys for whoever has the first boy πŸ™‚

I hate to admit that I still haven’t read anything the past week πŸ˜• I’ve been busy. But I think once I actually start a new book, my ways will change πŸ™‚

I did watch one new movie this week:

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012; Steve Carrell, Kiera Knightly)
The world is ending in 3 weeks when a asteroid is set to strike. Boy and girl come across each other, even though they’ve been living in the same building for a few years, and the adventure ensues.
This was sort of sweet. It wasn’t very funny–I’d thought there’d be a little comedy to it, what with Steve Carrell. But it was more of a dramatic romance. Not that it was bad. But it was a little depressing. It can’t be too happy, since the world is ending.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {12/2/2012}

  1. Sounds like a busy week! Glad everything went well!

    My Sunday Salon

  2. swright9 says:

    That’s nice about the wedding. Sounds like it went really well. And a dream guy too, congrats to her. I agree with you on that Carell movie — it seemed too much of a bummer, and he seemed old enough to be keira’s father, ick. I didnt care for the movie unfortunately. cheers.

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