Blast from the Past: My Dear Cassandra

My Dear Cassandra–The Illustrated Letters of Jane Austen
Selected and Introduced by Penelope Hughes-Hallett

March 23-April 4, 2007–155 pages–collection of letters
Borrowed from Kate Love Simpson Library

These letters really show Jane Austen as a woman: aside from being an author she was a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, and confidante. I really enjoyed how you could see happenings in real-life that affected the fictional characters. Jane was Emma, her niece Fanny Knight was Harriet, Jane was Lizzy Bennet, Fanny was Charlotte (these two comparisons of Jane, when looked at as characters in context, are two I really don’t like).

While I liked the letters, I would prefer to read ALL letters and not just a selection. It would also be great to see letters she received, as to get all the conversation, but both these wants would probably be very difficult to achieve.

“Nothing can be compared to the misery of being bound without love, bound to one, and preferring another.” ~Wednesday, November 30, 1814 to Fanny Knight


Blast from the Past is a weekly post I write that focuses on a book I read long before I ever had a blog about books. While I didn’t “book blog” until a couple of years ago, I’ve kept a reading journal of sorts for about 6 years. Blast from the Past is essentially just my way of digitalizing my old book journals–and reminding me what I thought of books long since read. I think it will be a fun way to look at how my reading selections have changed and what I like most in the books I read.


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