Blast from the Past: Deception of the Emerald Ring

The Deception of the Emerald Ring by Lauren Willig
February 23-27, 2007–387 pages–fiction (England, Ireland) /mystery/adventure/history/chick-lit

I loved this! I love how Willig can take the same basic plot and use new characters and circumstances to make each of her novels different enough to stay away from redundancy but keep it so you can see why it’s a series! This novel was the most amusing because of all the events happening between Letty and everyone else. I like how the Black Tulip was still in this because it made it more exciting. This was the novel about Letty trying to stop her older sister from eloping with Geoff Pichingdale which “pushes” him to marry her (Letty) instead. They crack me up for fighting all the time, but I definitely liked when they realized their feelings had changed. I can’t wait for the fourth novel to come out!

“Patience is only a virtue when there’s something worth waiting for.” Letty p132


Blast from the Past is a weekly post I write that focuses on a book I read long before I ever had a blog about books. While I didn’t “book blog” until a couple of years ago, I’ve kept a reading journal of sorts for about 6 years. Blast from the Past is essentially just my way of digitalizing my old book journals–and reminding me what I thought of books long since read. I think it will be a fun way to look at how my reading selections have changed and what I like most in the books I read.


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