Happy Roald Dahl Day!!

Today is September 13th, Roald Dahl’s birthday! That makes it Roald Dahl Day 🙂

This year the BFG turns 30, so I will be reading it. Haven’t read it in over 15 years when it was read to me by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Bernardo, in the third grade!

Which of Dahl’s amazing stories will you be reading today?!


2 thoughts on “Happy Roald Dahl Day!!

  1. Carl V. says:

    Well Happy Roald Dahl day to you! Love his books. Every time I read The Twits I end up cracking myself up. I haven’t read BFG yet, but last year read his two autobiographies and wow were they good. I especially liked Going Solo about his time in WWII. It was every bit as adventurous as his novels.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know it was Roald Dahl day yesterday. I was so occupied with this “back to university time” that I didn’t check that kind of things… :/
    Nevertheless, I haven’t read many books by Roald Dahl and I should begin in the near future as it is undoubtedly one of the greatest author of British Children literature. I will probably give it a try this year as I have long commute between home and university and when I will be tired, I will need some “easy” reading :).

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