Running Round-Up {9/11/2012}

What were your distances/times this week?

Saturday – 2.13 miles
Monday – 6.21 miles

What motivated you to run this week?

I wanted to meet my longest run distance of 6 miles, and I did it!!

What did you think about while running this week? Did you have any random or profound thoughts?

It is really strange. I actually have been running without music lately because I have discovered my time is better with no music. So I had 1.5 hours yesterday to just think and run–but I can’t remember what I thought about. My mind wanders from one thing to the next that it’s not really thinking much about anything.

Did you reach any specific goals this week? Do you have goals for this coming week?

I did want to reach 6 miles, which was my longest distance. I reached the goal and even went 0.20 miles farther 😛 I hope to get 7 miles within this next week.

What did you listen to while you ran this week?

Nothing. While it felt like it took forever in the silence, the time did go quicker and I shaved off a lot of time

Where did you run? New route, old route? Did you see anything special?

I ran on the trail again, but I actually went in the opposite direction. I’ve never run that way before, and I’ve only once been that far (and that was on a bike). It was definitely nice to see something different, even if it sort of freaked me out a little because I was all alone and running further away from civilization (the trail starts in a city, goes 13 miles through farmland, and ends in another city).

Which app (if any) do you use to track your exercise?
Do you track your calories?

I use Map My Run to track my runs–I love the live tracking. But I do use a different calorie counter, My Fitness Pal.


One thought on “Running Round-Up {9/11/2012}

  1. Carl V. says:

    That trail sounds wonderful! Congratulations on reaching, and surpassing, your 6 mile goal! That is awesome. It was only a few months ago that I ran 6 for the first time and it felt like such a triumph. Still does. I try to do that distance at least once a week although it doesn’t always work out.

    I have yet to try music when I run. I enjoy just listening to nature so much and I worry that I would get distracted. Still, I love music and it sets a mood so well that at some point I imagine I will try it.

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