Sunday Salon {9/9/2012}

This week has flown by, although it was pretty empty. Last Saturday, my maid of honor got married 🙂 So Nick and I were consumed by wedding festivities on Saturday. Then, Sunday afternoon, we headed to my dad’s reunion of sorts–my uncle had it all organized and there were silly games and everyone was split into two teams. My team won the “Relays”, so we are on the Wall of Fame until next year. Monday was Labor Day, so Nick and I had the day off. And we both did absolutely nothing! It was so nice 😀

I have exciting news!! Well, I’m super excited about it anyways. As a substitute teacher, there’s no better news than a month-long gig (except maybe a longer one). Plus, I get to be in a 7th grade social studies class–so I get to comfortably teach (meaning I actually know what I’m teaching) for at least a month (I have my bachelors in 7-12 social studies). And the teacher hasn’t taught this particular curriculum before, so she is letting me plan my own stuff! I missed planning and being creative like that 🙂

In other work news, I subbed twice this week. Thursday was the same place I was at last week. But I subbed for a para at a county school for kids with emotional and behavioral disorders–they were crazy! I honestly can’t decide if I want to get my masters in intervention specialist mild-moderate or moderate-severe.

Reading-wise, I have honestly read NOTHING this week. Except for the textbook as I started planning my October social studies stuff. Well, I have listened to most of Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar. I should finish it the next time I’m out on the road. And that will actually finish my Inspirational Resolution.

While I didn’t read much, I did buy a ton of books on Friday. It was the first day of my library’s annual book sale. So I bought 22 books for $17 😀 Now I have to figure out how to fit them on my perfectly filled book shelves haha

I watched Act of Valor with Nick this week. It was awesome to see real life Navy SEALs act out a true story. It was a great movie, with a pretty obvious sad ending. I also watched Mirror, Mirror, which I found really fun.


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