Library Booksale Haul 2012


Today started the annual book sale my library has. They have one a year and it’s practically my Christmas! Above is my haul for the year, unless I decide to stop by later this weekend because they have to put new books out as the first round gets bought 😛

These, of which there are 22, cost me $16!! You cannot beat that. And, as you can see by the ones that lack the spine label, some are donations to the library that never made it on library shelves–they’re just second-hand quality, which is pretty good.

Only one book have I read already: Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian (towards the top), which I read in high school. I loved it because it was about the Armenian genocide, which I hadn’t ever heard of until I read this book. (I looked in my then-current history textbook and didn’t find anything about that particular genocide, which made me very mad.)

One thought on “Library Booksale Haul 2012

  1. swright says:

    wow good haul for such a low price! A lot of good ones here.

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