Running Round-Up {9/4/2012}


I just realized I’d forgotten to write up a Running Round-Up post for today 😮 But in running news, I registered for my first half marathon yesterday. The Owens Corning Half Marathon Event is part of the bigger Glass City Marathon, which will take place April 28, 2013 in Toledo, Ohio. (Toledo’s nickname is the Glass City.) I feel the distance of 13 miles is totally attainable–I can easily run six miles now and I have just under eight months to train.

I know I only ran once since last Tuesday–I got 5 miles in on Thursday. It was just too humid this morning. Hopefully I can go tomorrow.

I’ll forego the normal smaller questions and skip right to a big one:

In which sorts of events do you run? 5Ks, marathons, etc? Or do you skip events and just go for your own bests?
I have only done one event so far, a 5K. I loved it, even though I was in last place from the get go. I still finished it with a personal best as far as minutes/mile at that distance go. I imagine I will be one of the last to cross the finish line in April, but I don’t do it for the ribbons or medals. I do it for the t-shirts and bragging rights that I CAN run that far 🙂

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