Running Round-Up {8/28/2012}

What were your distances/times this week?

Wednesday – 2.91 miles
Tuesday – 3.85 miles

What motivated you to run this week?

Honestly, I ran today because I hadn’t run in about week and I was missing it and starting to feel guilty about making excuses.

What did you think about while running this week? Did you have any random or profound thoughts?

Today I was particularly wondering what I did to make the Fates mad at me! Man, everything seemed against me. My phone wouldn’t track my run (I use MapMyRun) nor would it play any music. Then the new capris I bought that I thought were a “comfortable” loose were practically falling off my butt the whole run! (It turned out okay, but I’m not used to pants hanging that low around my middle haha) And I had to dodge the piles of wet, slippery freshly-mown grass that covered the trail I run on 😦 But, I did manage a decent run, which I mapped manually. And I didn’t mind the silence, either.

Did you reach any specific goals this week? Do you have goals for this coming week?

I wanted to hit 5 miles and I had been pretty certain my run today was over 4, but I was wrong. I went on a really weird route, actually used the country roads in addition to the trail that runs through our wonderful NW Ohio farmland.

What did you listen to while you ran this week?

Wednesday was the same as it has been for weeks. Today was silence, and I actually found it peaceful.

Where did you run? New route, old route? Did you see anything special?

I started on the trail, then I took a detour to get a little extra mileage. But I kept on with the detour and went around the block (a small country block). It was refreshing to see something new!

What are your weather limits to running?
What’s too hot/cold?
Will you run in the snow or rain?

I’ve only been running when it’s been warm out. Coldest I’ve done was in the low-50s, but I’d do colder. Hot is where I get sticky. I skipped June pretty much because of our 100+ weather. But upper 70s is where I feel comfortable, maybe lower 80s if it’s a bit breezy or overcast. I haven’t had the chance to run in snow and, so far, no rain has caught up to me. But I think I’d keep running in rain–I doubt I’d go out and start when it’s already raining, though. We’ll have to see what the fall and winter bring for me (we have wet falls here lately).


Running Round-Up is a weekly meme I write about my running for the week. I post it on Tuesdays, but if you want to do it along with me, don’t feel the need to do Tuesdays–any day is okay, just link back to my post :) There are a series of questions I answer every week (feel free to omit a question if you don’t like it), but a different more interesting question at the end of each post.


One thought on “Running Round-Up {8/28/2012}

  1. Carl V. says:

    I’ve only done warm weather running myself, having just started running back in the Spring, but I have to say that I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing some running in the Autumn and Winter. I look forward to figuring out how best to layer and how to fuel during those runs as well as just enjoying nature during a time when I might normally just hole up inside.

    I’ve got an 8 mile trail run scheduled for Saturday. I’m not going to try to beat any of my previous per mile times, I just want to finish and enjoy it, especially as this will be my longest run yet, either on my own or in a race situation. The trail is reportedly beautiful and the weather should be great so it will be fun.

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