Running Round-Up {8/21/2012}

What were your distances/times this week?

Thursday– 1.86 miles in 23 minutes
Saturday– 4.08 miles in 56 minutes
Monday– 1.01 miles in 11 minutes (I actually shaved off 2 seconds from my last “fast mile”, which I try to do at least once a week)

What motivated you to run this week?

I’m trying to get back to my longest distance, to date, which is 6 miles. I am hoping to get there by the end of August, which is attainable if I add a mile a week (as I hit 4 miles this week)

What did you think about while running this week? Did you have any random or profound thoughts?

I was actually thinking about how listening to an audiobook would do to my running, at least as far as time goes. I feel like it would hurt my time. I tend to drive slower when I listen to an audiobook, at least ones I’m interested in, because that gives me more time to listen. I’m not sure if that would change when I run. Plus, the faster-paced music helps me move and feel more energized, I feel–even if it is just the Beach Boys 🙂

Did you reach any specific goals this week? Do you have goals for this coming week?

I didn’t have any real goal this week. But I feel like I’m making good progress with my distance. I actually ran 4 miles with a 13 minute-mile average–I think the last time I ran 4 miles it was a 14-minute mile, so I’m good with that slight progress.

What did you listen to while you ran this week?

Same thing all month: Beach Boys, B-52s, Michael Jackson, and some 1990s throwback songs.

Where did you run? New route, old route? Did you see anything special?

Same old, same old. I always run on the trail. I won’t always do that, eventually I might run in town. But I feel a bit self-conscious. I know when people are on the trail they’re doing it for the exercise, so I don’t feel like they’d judge me. When I feel a bit more confident in my running, I won’t mind it so much when others see me.

Do you listen to music, audiobooks, etc. while you run?
Or do you prefer the peace of quiet?

As I was talking about earlier, I don’t listen to audiobooks, yet, and I’m reluctant to try it. But I listen to music that makes me happy, not exactly music to pump me up. But, when I hear “Dude Looks Like a Lady”, I get a smile on my face 🙂 I haven’t ever tried running without music. It makes it easier to hear my own breathing (or panting, really), which makes me feel slower. But maybe if I didn’t have anything to measure my time with at all, I’d go faster 😕


Running Round-Up is a weekly meme I write about my running for the week. I post it on Tuesdays, but if you want to do it along with me, don’t feel the need to do Tuesdays–any day is okay, just link back to my post :) There are a series of questions I answer every week (feel free to omit a question if you don’t like it), but a different more interesting question at the end of each post.


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