Running Roundup {8/7/2012}

I have decided to start my own weekly meme solely focusing on my newest hobby: running. So here goes. (Feel free to join in and create a post on your own blog if you’re interested.)

Here are some questions that I plan to answer every week.

What motivated you to run this week?
I haven’t ran in a month and I missed it. What with fixing up the house and the hot HOT weather, I was completely unmotivated to run. Now that big projects on the house are winding down and it is cooler ok the evening there are nor excuses.

What did you think about while running this week? Did you have any random or profound thoughts?
Mainly I thought about starting a running meme. I thought maybe I would run more if I was being held more accountable. I’m not addicted to running, but I really enjoy it. But there are those days when I try to find reasons not to go.

Did you reach any specific goals this week? Do you have goals for this coming week?
My goal was to make it a mile–I went 2.32 🙂 This next week I just plan on trying to get out there three or four times, nothing more specific.

What did you listen to while you ran this week?
(This doesn’t have to be a list of everything, but a few songs. If you read audiobooks while running, which one? If you don’t listen to anything, forget this question.

What brought a smile to my face while running was “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys. That song used to make me cry because Nick and I started dating so young and it would have been nice if we were older, then we wouldn’t have to wait so long 😛

What were your distances/times this week?
(I won’t judge if you don’t get faster or go farther–my speed hardly ever increases, but my distance improves. We are all different types of runners.)

Since this week’s roundup is based of one day, this is easy. I ran 2.32 miles in 32 minutes.

Where did you run? New route, old route? Did you see anything special? (Insert photos if you take them. And you don’t have to be specific if your location is something you wish to keep private.)
There is a trail in my county that is 13 miles through farmland and woods. That’s where I run normally, so that’s where I was today.

Then I plan on a bigger, different question every week. Since this week is the beginning post, let’s go with beginnings.


I started running because I could see the extra pounds melting off one of my best friends. Plus, I’m all for exercise that gets me outside. In general, I started to exercise to have a healthy heart. My family has heart issues, and I don’t want to encourage that, especially at age 24.


3 thoughts on “Running Roundup {8/7/2012}

  1. Hey there! Just posted along with Readers’ Workouts. Do you have a linky to link up to?

    • Kristie says:

      That’s great!! Thanks so much for participating 🙂

      I don’t have a linky. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Fiona says:

    Oooh I already posted mine… great to find another reader who runs.

    Your questions:

    *What motivated you to run this week?*
    I joined my local running group when I started so I always go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also run on my own on Sundays too and recently added in Fridays as well so I can go running 4 times a week.

    *What did you think about while running this week? Did you have any random or profound thoughts?*

    Usually I chat or listen to other people chatting if I’m running in the group. On my own… I don’t really think of anything. Occasionally I think God I’m tired maybe I should just sit down on that bench…

    *Did you reach any specific goals this week? Do you have goals for this coming week?*

    No specific goals. I set a goal to run a total of 60 miles this month and I’ve ran 40 so far so I think I’ll ace that. I have a few ‘goals’ in my mind – to get to 8 miles sooner rather than later.

    *What did you listen to while you ran this week?*

    I listen to my Pump it Up running album I bought which is mostly club music. It also has some 1hr 20 mixes which I find really handy, also the hard fast music I wouldn’t normally enjoy helps with running a bit faster and forgetting how tired I might be feeling.

    *What were your distances/times this week?
    This week so far I have ran about 9.72 miles. Last week I ran 17.55. If I do another 7 miles this week… probably do about 22-25 miles.

    *Where did you run? New route, old route? Did you see anything special?*

    On Tuesdays/Thursdays I go where my group takes me. I live by the sea so often it involves running up there. I plan my routes out on Runkeeper and make sure they are a good loop from near where I live and back so I don’t have to end up walking miles to get back. I wish we had hills!


    I wanted to exercise. Not because I need to lose weight, I don’t in fact I could do with putting a few pounds on. I wanted to do something that would get me active and stop munching biscuits all day and hopefully encourage a healthier lifestyle and a better appetite.

    Running was free and I could do it from my door step. I didn’t have to fork out £20 a month fees like you would at a gym – if you can find one that cheap. Then I found out about my local running club which costs the whole of £22 a year.

    I also figured that running is what I would enjoy and what I’d be good at. My upper body is useless but I’ve always had a pair of strong legs and good at kicking things so I figured it would be a good choice.

    And I was right. I loooove running.

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