Sunday Salon {8/5/2012}

imageThis week I actually have something to do with books and the house at the same time! We FINALLY got carpet in the front room. As a result, I was FINALLY able to put up the book shelves and unpack my books 😀 While I unpacked, I scanned them into an app on my smartphone and it tells me I have 256 books. I have 120 books that I haven’t read 😕 In the picture, the shelf on the right has my unread books and the shelf on the left has my read books. I’m so excited that I can now have two big bookshelves and they aren’t cramping the room for space or anything!!

In other house-related news, we are working on putting in baseboards. You wouldn’t believe baseboards make a room feel complete, but do they ever! I mean, there is no longer a long white strip of unpainted wall along the floor 😛 We’re also working on other little things. I have the next two days off work–we’d scheduled a short trip to the UP of Michigan, but decided at the last minute to work on the house instead. (Nick also has a ton of projects at work, so I thought he shouldn’t have to stress out and rush them when we would come back; he’ll be going to work for at least a few hours tomorrow to work on it.) Back to the point, I have work off for two days and I plan on getting some landscaping done and finishing up some small projects in the house–like installing the hardware in the guest bath and touching up some paint in a couple rooms and cleaning up the mess I made while unpacking stuff this weekend.

I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James this week. I admit I got caught up in the sudden popularity surrounding it. And there were seven females encouraging me to read it. And yes, I loved it. So I’m working on Fifty Shades Darker now. I haven’t actually read any of COMC in the past month 😦 But I swear I will finish it before the year is over, just like I resolved. I am currently awaiting the arrival of Left Behind by Tim LaHaye for my Inspirational Resolution–it will be my next audiobook.

I watched two movies this week while Nick was away for a night in Tennessee on business.

Man on a Ledge (2012; Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell)
Ex-cop Nick Cassidy escapes from prison to prove that he didn’t steal a $40 million-dollar diamond from a wicked businessman, David Englander. Part of his plan to find the diamond to prove Englander still has the diamond is to create a massive diversion, hence his stint on the ledge.
I thought this was a really good movie. It reminded me of a heist, like Ocean’s 11, but with a small team of people working–and trying to prove innocence, not sticking it to the man who controlled his ex-wife. And there were a couple of heart-stopping moments, but a nice soft ending.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2012; Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock)
Oskar’s dad was a great dad because he grew up with a terrible dad. When his dad has a meeting in the World Trade Center on 9/11, Oskar’s world comes crashing down. He’s already a slightly quirky kid, so he becomes a little moreso upon finding what he thinks is a clue his dad had for him for a routine reconissance mission (treasure hunt of sorts). In order to keep his dad around longer, he goes on a mission to find out what the clue is for.
The very beginning of this movie sort of shocked me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. It wasn’t exactly a bad sort of sequence, but I think it could really affect some people in a bad way.
This was a terrific movie. It was very serious and even emotional, but I think the fact that I experienced 9/11 (in a way totally different than the characters in the movie) made it special. I wasn’t terribly effected by 9/11 personally as it happened so far away from where I live and I was just 14 and didn’t really pay attention to what was outside of my own world. But the event left it’s mark on me and seeing how it affected people closer to the actual event, fictional or not, struck a personal chord with me.


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