Sunday Salon {6/17/2012}

Today’s Sunday Salon post comes to you live from a construction zone. True, I’ve lived in a semi-construction zone since we moved to the house at the end of March. But it is a legit construction site now with a huge 20x8x5 dumpster and a back-hoe in my yard, and guys crawling all over my roof. Luckily my wonderful husband decided to re-roof our house himself with help from family and friends–spending $20,000 to have the roof professionally installed was just not an option. And most of our crew have put on roofs themselves, so they know what to do. The only job I’ve held through the process, it started this past Wednesday night, is cutting shingles. I don’t mind the job. But I have been annoyed that Nick wouldn’t give me another job when he needed someone, waiting for someone else to show up rather than continue and let me help.

Besides the new roof being put on, I had an excellent easy week at work. Four was the highest number of kids in a single day last week, a couple days with only three. But that was a tease because starting tomorrow I should have seven or eight again 😦

I’ve been busy this weekend. Friday I had a surprise bonfire planned for my one friend. She’s moving and we used to have lots of bonfires there with friends in high school, so we had one last hurrah before they move. And yesterday there was a bridal shower and bachelorette party for my friend who was my maid of honor. It was a long afternoon/night because I’m sick and had to get up early to wait two hours to cut shingles because I couldn’t do anything else. But I had a lot of fun!!

By the way, I ran 6 miles last Monday! That’s quite a leap from the 4.29 I had the previous week, at least for me 🙂

I started listening to The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch this week and am hooked already. Still reading COMC, but as I’ve read 200 pages in the past two weeks, I decided to spend some time at work reading The Garden Intrigue because lord knows I don’t have anytime to read it at home.

I haven’t watched any movies this week 😦

(I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post. While roofing, Nick disassembled our satellite through which we get the internet. Therefore, I’ve typed this up on my phone and it’s not so easy to format the pictures the way I like on the phone.)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {6/17/2012}

  1. I used to work in construction and have been on many roofs so I know exactly what you are going through and you have my sympathy 🙂 Congrats on the run and this is an amazing post that you typed up on your phone!

    Have a great week and hopefully the construction will end soon!

  2. Oh, I don’t envy you the chaos of the construction, but I guess you’re eager to move beyond it to an improved home.



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