Sunday Salon {6/10/2012}

As I mentioned towards the end of last week’s post, this past Monday was my 9th anniversary with Nick. Monday was great, until Nick came home from work. My mom had called him, and my two brothers-in-law, so they could break the news to my sisters and I that our 87-year-old grandpa passed away. It seemed sudden to me, even though he’d been in hospice for over a year. I thought we might have a small warning the end was coming, like a severe downturn in his already failing health. So my week was anything but normal. I took Wednesday off work and Thursday-Saturday I was down with my grandma and most of my family (they live about two hours south of where I live). It doesn’t seem like there has only been a week since I ran that 5K–this has been a long, tiring, and sad week.

grandpa and me

On Monday, I finished listening to my audiobook The Sheen on the Silk by Anne Perry. I will be writing a review soon, but it was pretty interesting. Still reading COMC at naptime at work and The Garden Intrigue at home. I plan on starting The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch. It will be my June read for Around the World in 12 Books, as it takes place in Germany. My local library was switching software for their computers last week, so all of those pesky ILL requests have gone unanswered–I really want to get a new audiobook! I go crazy listening to talk radio in the morning on the way to work.

I watched three new movies this week:

The Vow (2012; Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum)
Based on a true story, a happily married couple gets in a car accident. The woman suffers short term memory loss, not remembering anything about her life with her husband. He tries super hard to help her remember, but she reverts back to her old life with her rich parents whom she ran from years ago but can’t remember why. This puts some obvious strain on her marriage.
The movie was pretty good. It sort of took a couple of turns I hadn’t foreseen, because I was being optimistic of course. But I was really put in a good mood by the little recap at the end of the movie as to how the real life people are doing–it made me  happy.

My Week with Marilyn (2011; Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne)
This is about a young British chap who wants to work in the movies and gets a job with Sir Laurence Olivier’s company. Olivier does a movie with Marilyn Monroe, The Prince and the Showgirl, and said chap falls head over heels for her.
I have only ever seen one movie with Marilyn Monroe acting. This is just a movie where Michelle Williams portrays Monroe. But I have to say that I’m glad I haven’t invested much time into her movies. Monroe as an actress in one movie and as she’s portrayed in another doesn’t appeal to me. I did like this movie a lot. But I like those semi-biographical movies, usually.  

Haywire (2011; Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor)
A female secret agent who works for a company that hires out jobs for the government is burned, so she tries to figure out by who and why.
This was pretty good. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with a female secret agent as a lead character. Typically female agents are just counterparts to men…


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {6/10/2012}

  1. I enjoyed My Week with Marilyn…and I’ve been curious about Haywire and The Vow.

    Sorry about your grandpa…no matter how we think we’re prepared, it always seems to catch us off guard.

    As for the actual movies with Marilyn Monroe, I think that I don’t really enjoy too many from that era. Today’s technology is so much better, and I think that contributes to my enjoyment.


  2. Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

    I haven’t seen My Week With Marilyn but I have watched many of the real Marilyn’s films and I honestly think she was deserving of the hype. She wasn’t just a beauty, she was capable of great subtlety and perfect comic timing. I particularly like Some Like It Hot and Bus Stop.

  3. Shannon says:

    So sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Hugs!

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