Top Ten Characters I’d Like to See on The Real World…or another reality TV show {Top Ten Tuesday}

Alright, the topic for today’s Top Ten Tuesday is really “Rewind”, or picking a past topic to do again (or for the first time, if you missed it). But I’m sort of making my own topic. On May 15th, the topic was Top Ten Authors I’d Like to See on a Reality TV Show–I’m tweaking this to make it characters. I think I know more about characters than authors. And I think I’ll actually have a few different sets of ten characters–you know, it could be really interesting to put ten really strong/stubborn people together and ten really stupid/silly people together, or even a couple strong and more silly (imagine Lizzie and Darcy with eight Lydias and Mrs. Bennets!) So here are my groups of characters I’d like to see together in a Real World situation.

1) Katniss Everdeen and Lydia Bennet, in a Hunger Games-type setting
Would Katniss help Lydia if she was about to die? Or would the silly deserve to die?

2) Bridget Jones and Elizabeth Bennet
I think this would be a very interesting pair. Bridget Jones is a “modern re-telling” of Pride and Prejudice, so Bridget and Lizzie really are supposed to be the same character. But Lizzie is so strong and Bridget is a bit weak, especially in the beginning. This would definitely be fun if there was only one Darcy (especially if it was Colin Firth haha)

3) Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz), Lamia (Stardust), Sea Witch (aka “Ursula”, Little Mermaid)
All three of these meanies are out to get young women. Would they back-stab each other? Or share helpful hints on how to get what they want?

4) Bruno (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) and Eliezer (Night)
Just imagine the conversations a young Jewish boy who was being held at Auschwitz would have with a young German boy who is completely naive about what is happening on the other side of a fence.

5) Anne Shirley and Alice (Alice Through the Looking Glass)
Anne certainly has an imagination. But would it stretch so far as to create a world like Alice’s?

6) Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco
This could be interesting in many circumstances. Let’s assume they will live in The (Muggle) Real World and no one has a wand. I would love to see Draco in the Muggle world. I’d also like to see how Ron adapted, because I’m sure Harry and Hermione, having grown up as muggles, would help him. Plus, there tends to be a romantic escapade between cast members on The Real World–a perfect opportunity for Ron and Hermione to get together 🙂


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