Sunday Salon {5/13/2012}


Since I didn’t really post much last week, I failed to mention that I recently finished reading a book and listening to an audiobook: I finished listening to Dear John by Nicholas Sparks and I finished reading Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery. I read the later for Giraffe Day’s Mini-LM Montgomery Challenge–while I didn’t finish it by the end of April, which was a “rule”, I started it before May and I think it still counts 🙂 I really enjoyed the book! Dear John was a tad boring.

As for books this week, I haven’t finished anything and I haven’t even read much. But I did purchase a book–The Mysterious Education of Nicholas Benedict which is supposed to be a sort of prequel to the Mysterious Benedict Society books by Trenton Lee Stewart which I love. I feel a little guilty about buying it because I set a rule for 2012 that I could only buy a book if I read a book I already own (prior to 2012) except for the two series I buy. But, I got it with a giftcard I received for Christmas, so it’s almost really a 2011 purchase. And I would read some of my books, but they are all packed away until I can put the shelves back up in the new house. But we have to get baseboards, then carpet, in the room my shelves will go in, so my books are unavailable to me for the time being 😦

In my world outside of books, I have done an amazing thing (at least it’s amazing for me). I RAN 3.2 MILES–that is equivalent to a 5K 😀 Since I plan on running a 5K in just three weeks, it’s good that I know I can get the distance. But I really hope to work on getting it done quicker. I mean, it took me 50 minutes to do that, which means I ran longer than a 15-minute mile–usually I run just about a 13-minute mile. I’ve decided every other day should be a short and speedy day, with distance days in between.


One thought on “Sunday Salon {5/13/2012}

  1. jaynesbooks says:

    Congrats on training for a 5K run; I don’t know if I could get the motivation to run that sort of distance. I am just hoping to get my butt in gear and start walking on a regular basis.

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