Sunday Salon {5/6/2012}


This is what I did this weekend 🙂 No, that’s not me. One of my younger sisters got hitched. So, this is Kassy and her new husband, Nick. (Yeah, my husband’s name is Nick, too. It can get a little confusing at family gatherings.)

This was the most involved I’ve ever been with a semi-Catholic wedding. I say that because my sister didn’t convert, so it wasn’t a true Catholic wedding–but it was still a 45-minute ceremony. I got to read (Psalm 23: 1-6), as did my youngest sister. It was interesting because my youngest sister is an atheist, so she was having a big deal with bowing before stepping up on “stage”. But it really was a great wedding. Of course, my wedding was still the best day I’ve ever had–it was the “funnest” day ever 😀


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {5/6/2012}

  1. jaynesbooks says:

    A couple of my cousins both married guys named Steve and are also sisters.

  2. loricaswell says:

    Sounds like quite a day!!!

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