Sunday Salon {4/29/2012}

The highlight of my week doesn’t have anything to do with reading. If you’ll remember from my last Sunday Salon post (two weeks ago), I mentioned I started running at the beginning of April. The catalyst for my beginning to run is my younger sister’s wedding next weekend–I want to look good for her wedding, and I’m trying harder to look good than I did for my own wedding. (Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense.) Regardless, in the past four weeks I’ve really progressed. I’ve lost 7.5 pounds; I’ve gone from the first hole to the fourth hole on my belt; and I can now run over two miles without walking. Sure, I’m still pretty slow at the running, but I no longer have a problem breathing, it’s just the strength of my legs that is my limit.

Since I failed to post last weekend, I’ll start off quickly by saying that last week I finished reading A Million Suns by Beth Revis and I LOVED it! This is the second in a trilogy I started reading last spring. I also finished listening to The Shunning last week–I was really surprised by the very end and am highly considering reading the sequel.

This week I started reading two new books: The Garden Intrigue by Lauren Willig and Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery and a new audiobook, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. Dear John is turning out to be pretty great so far. I saw the movie a couple years ago–and, oddly enough, it was on TV just a few days ago, but I haven’t really remembered much other than that I know I will cry. I’ve never read a Nicholas Sparks, but the movies always make me cry, so I know the book will. Anne of the Island is good–I always enjoy Anne Shirley–but I’ve forgotten most if what happened in Anne of Avonlea, as the books go. I love the 1987 Megan Fellows Anne movies that my mom had taped off TV, so it skews my memories of the books a bit.

Saw a couple new movies this week. Tower Heist (2011; Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick) was amusing. It seemed sort of like a rip off of Ocean’s 11, but it was much more humorous. It was strange that Alan Alda played a bad guy–Hawkeye is a good and funny guy! 🙂 Jack and Jill (2011; Adam Sandler, Al Pacino) also had funny parts. But for the most part, it was a tad boring. I much prefer Adam Sandler’s comedies of 10+ years ago. His characters tend to be pessimistic lately…


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