Blast from the Past: The Notebook Girls

The Notebook Girls by Julia Baskin, Lindsey Newman, Sophie Pollitt-Cohen, and Courtney Toombs
6/19-24/2006 — 348 pages — nonfiction (teen girls, NYC)
Borrowed from: public library

“Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

“Your life is too short for it to be about someone else.”

So this book was sort of interesting, but it wasn’t all that great. I was interested in it only because of the reality it gives. Publishing this could very easily have ruined a reputation because it was so crude. Letting all of the US know about your experiments with drugs/alcohol and sex/homosexuality would be really hard. Because I’ve never been high or drunk, their descriptions of what those are like were funny to me.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone because it’s long and basically redundant. I liked the deep conversations about religion though. And I liked hearing people from NYC talk about 9/11 and the happenings thereafter.



Blast from the Past is a weekly post I write that focuses on a book I read long before I ever had a blog about books. While I didn’t “book blog” until a couple of years ago, I’ve kept a reading journal of sorts for about 6 years. Blast from the Past is essentially just my way of digitalizing my old book journals–and reminding me what I thought of books long since read. I think it will be a fun way to look at how my reading selections have changed and what I like most in the books I read.


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