memoirs of a half-lived life {thoughts on books and reading}

This post really could be titled “Memoirs of a Quarter-Lived Life”. There is a growing trend of young people out there, especially in the famous population, of writing autobiographies before the age of 30. Some write them as young as 17, such as Justin Bieber. And I am left wondering, “How can they even have experienced enough for an autobiography?”

Sure. Actors and singers have busy lives, but that doesn’t exactly merit an autobiography. I think they should just do what normal people do and write in a journal if they feel they won’t be able to keep the memories. Having lots of memories is not the same as having lots of experience, and I’d rather read about the later.

I really enjoyed reading some memoirs in 2011, but those were written by people who have lived most of their lives, not a small portion. I particularly enjoyed Julie Andrews’ memoir, which actually only focused on her life before her film career. Yes, she wrote about her childhood memories, but there was stuff in there about her first marriage, first house, first child, etc.–I’m not saying you can’t have a life worth talking about if you don’t have those things. But I’m sure Justin Bieber (as an example) has very little to discuss–especially as his career as a singer has only existed for a couple of years.

If you want to write about your life, and are under the age of 50, find an empty journal. I will not bother reading a memoir by a person under the age of 50, because I feel it just can’t have much bearing before that. 


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