Blast from the Past: Man of my Dreams

The Man of My Dreams by Curtis Sittenfeld
269 pages — 5/28-31/2006 — fiction (young adult)
Recommended by: liking Prep so trying more Sittenfeld
Borrowed from: public library

I didn’t particularly enjoy this book. The style was not making it interesting. The present tense from third-person made it awkward to me. And there seemed no point to the work at all, especially showing how it just kept skipping big chunks. It was disparate to me.



Blast from the Past is a weekly post I write that focuses on a book I read long before I ever had a blog about books. While I didn’t “book blog” until a couple of years ago, I’ve kept a reading journal of sorts for about 6 years. Blast from the Past is essentially just my way of digitalizing my old book journals–and reminding me what I thought of books long since read. I think it will be a fun way to look at how my reading selections have changed and what I like most in the books I read.


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