books by 20-something Hollywood actresses {thoughts on books and reading}

Hilary Duff has done it. So has Lauren Conrad. Even Snooki has one. Heck, I’m sure Lindsay Lohan would have one if she wasn’t constantly in jail/rehab.

What do all these young American actresses/reality-TV “stars” have?
Published books.

Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. They are “professional authors” in the technical sense that they have sold their work. And I’ll admit that until just recently, I was upset that these young ladies have published books. I would have said that they are spoiled and no one would have offered them a book deal if they hadn’t known the books would sell on their name alone. I’m still skeptical that they wrote draft upon draft before they submitted their books to a publisher, like many a new author.

But then I realized something. Does it really matter to the normal reader how a story came into being? Sure, these girls may have been handed a deal on a silver plater. Heck, they might not even have written the books–ghost writers exist for a reason. I know some readers may be more ethical when they choose what authors to read. But personally, if I think a book summary sounds good, I should put it on my TBR list, not taking into account how the author got it published. I don’t mean to offend any writer out there who has tried for years upon years with loads of different stories to be published–I’m sure books by these young ladies probably made a publisher overlook an equally deserving story with a “less deserving” (in their minds) name for books that would sell to fans of the famous.

I should not overlook a book written by a young famous person as a book that was only published because of the famous name. These books have the same probability of being a book I like than any other book out there by less-famous names.

Though, I confess, I would probably feel a little self-conscious about being seen reading LA Candy by Lauren Conrad–people might think I’m some ditzy girl who’s only reading it because LC wrote it. (Hate to admit, it but I can be self-conscious about that stuff!)


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