Sunday Salon {2/12/12}

Yes, I am alive. I realize that I didn’t write any Salon posts the past two Sundays. I was just too busy that first skipped Sunday and I was sick this past weekend. But I am here. And there is big news I haven’t yet been able to share (unless you are friends with me on Facebook) 🙂

Nick and I found out a couple of weeks ago that we are getting a house. After a bit of negotiating, we settled on a price exactly in the middle of the listing price and our first offer. Fortunately for us, the house is a foreclosure and hasn’t been lived in since October, so we don’t have to wait for anyone to move out. It also helps that Nick’s parents are buying it upfront in cash and we will proceed to buy it from them, so we didn’t have to go through the whole loan/mortgage approval process. Anyways, here’s a picture of the outside:

After we are completely finished with fixing everything outside, I’ll show you again. But there it is as of now…


My reading has slowed somewhat significantly these past couple of weeks. I read nothing this past week except a couple of hours at work from Count of Monte Cristo. But I did finish listening to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and LOVED IT! (Review for that here.) Now I’m listening to Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella, which is reminding me of the new movie, The Vow–but I haven’t seen that movie or got far into the audiobook, so who knows how similar they will be.


Tsotsi (2005; Presley Chweneyagae, Terry Pheto)
There were definitely some changes to the story in the film. The most important difference was the manner in which Tsotsi came to be in possession of the baby. In the book, some crazy woman was running and shoved the baby at him. In the film, he carjacked a woman, shot her, and realized the baby was in the car after he had left. I think this is very significant to the story–I mean, kidnapping and having a baby thrust upon you are two very different things. Another thing, I believe that in the book, Tsotsi personally didn’t hurt anyone except when he beat up Boston–with these two things, oh and that he killed Butcher too, I feel that the movie tried to make Tsotsi more dislikable. Overall, the movie was okay, but pretty much nothing like the book.

Weird Science (1985; Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith)
This one was actually a bit bizarre. I’m a fan of the “Brat Pack” and this one was the only big John Hughes from the 1980s that I hadn’t seen before. Biggest surprise of the whole movie: Robert Downey Jr. is in it! And he has horrid teeth. Anyways, while the entire story is pretty much not possible, it was still pretty funny. I think it’s interesting that today there are a lot of movies focusing on teenage girls having problems in high school, to fit in and be popular. But they don’t really make many movies anymore about nerdy guys having that same problem. Wonder why that is…

The Borgias, Season 1 (2011; Jeremy Irons, Holliday Grainger)
I haven’t yet finished all of this first season, but I have gotten into it. I like it so far. I’ve always been fond of HBO and ShowTime when they create the historic shows, like The Tudors. I find them fascinating. Interestingly enough, I might not have looked twice at this after I saw a commercial for it, had it not been Nick’s video game that reminded me of what it would be about. (He plays the Assassin’s Creed games, one of which focused on the corrupt Borgia papacy.)


One thought on “Sunday Salon {2/12/12}

  1. Melissa W. says:

    Congrats on the house and hopefully everything goes fairly smoothly for you two.

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