Sunday Salon {1/22/2012}

Well, there’s not much to report about my week. Just a lot of work, it seems. I’m very sad because one of the toddlers who’s been in my “class” since I started working there in April is moving up to the preschool room 😦 But it is necessary because my boss is in a bind. There are about five infants who need to move into my room in February and March, so she has to start moving some of my older toddlers into the preschool room. I’ll miss them, even if they are only on the other side of a four-foot wall haha

Nick and I are still looking at houses. We saw two yesterday, the first of which we really liked despite its 1970s charm. This house hunt is really interesting because we’re finding out there aren’t really a whole lot of houses that we both like for the right price in the area we’re looking (which is a thirty mile radius around where we went to high school, also my hometown).


Well, I finished listening to The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards as I got home Friday from work. (I will have a post about it tomorrow.) I enjoyed it a lot, but there were a few things that got to me. I’m just over 200 pages into my 1400-page edition of The Count of Monte Cristo. Of course I’m enjoying that, as I knew I would. But I can already tell why some of the book is frequently taken out for abridgments. Some of the story is fairly unnecessary to the story, so I’d take it out too. Tsotsi by Athol Fugard, now that’s an interesting book. There isn’t exactly anything wrong with it. But I’m having trouble getting through it–I think that’s simply because I don’t want to read it. By that, I mean, there’s nothing enticing me to pick it up when I have free time. I have confidence that all the different parts will soon come together a little better and I’ll get into it.


Anything Goes (1956; Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor, Jeanmaire, Mitzi Gaynor)
Well, I have to admit that the description of the movie on the case was wrong, in a way that made the movie even funnier to me. Basically both men sign a woman for the ONE leading lady role in their Broadway show, but they fall in love with the other’s choice, so no one wants to fire anyone. (The summary on the case alludes to each falling in love with his own choice, which isn’t as comical.) So I really liked the movie 🙂 I decided to watch it after seeing De-Lovely last week. Plus, the song “Anything Goes” is in the opening of Indiana Jones The Temple of Doom, so I wanted to see from where the song originated.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {1/22/2012}

  1. moshimoshineko says:

    The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite books. As for the “unnecessary” bits, they are all about context, but it’s definitely something you find in 1700s-1800s French literature. I had a lot more issues with those bits when I was reading Les Miserables – most of the book is long, descriptive unnecessary bits, with the main story maybe making up about 10% of the actual tome.

    • Kristie says:

      I have a two volume set of Les Miserables, but I haven’t read it yet. If what you say is true, maybe I’ll just borrow an abridged copy from the library and preserve my antique books when I get around to reading that story.

  2. Oh, house hunting is frustrating at times. Hope you find something you’ll enjoy.

    I’m curious about your thoughts on Lake of Dreams.

    Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

  3. Love Comes Softly is fun. I’ve read it a couple times, I think (at least) but it’s been a while. How are you liking it?

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