Sunday Salon {1/15/2012}

This past week was Nick’s last week on a job-site in Pittsburgh. I’m glad to have him home. Even our 750 square foot apartment seems big and empty when I’m the only one in it. But I got a surprise when Nick came home. Friday morning, he fell on some ice and landed on his foot. Luckily he had on his workboots and didn’t take them off. He worked on his bad foot and drove the 3-ish hours home. When he took off his workboots, this is what we found:

Needless to say, we went to the ER to see if he’d actually done something major to his foot. (By the way, it had a bruise like that on the other side, too.) X-rays showed he badly sprained it, so it’s mostly a muscle thing. But he might have a tiny fracture–they couldn’t tell due to the swelling. And, of course, we already knew to do what they told us: elevation, ice, and ibuprofen. (*Glad that doc went to all that med school just to tell us that!*) In a selfish way, this sucks because he brought home a lot of crap and now I have to put it all away because Nick obviously isn’t getting around much 😦 In an unselfish way, it sucks because I can’t really do anything to make him feel better.

Aside from that, the biggest news of the week is that Saturday I had Christmas #5 (the last one). My mom’s family Christmas was in a conference room at the nursing home at which my grandpa now lives. It was pretty informal. We do a secret santa type of gift exchange. Except with the little kids–the 4th generation–of which there are three. Everyone still buys for them 🙂 But for us older kids who know Christmas is about more than presents, we get one from someone else in the family. I got some pretty handmade ornaments from my uncle.


I did finish a book towards the beginning of the week: Ivy and Intrigue by Lauren Willig. It’s a novella that takes place randomly between two books in her Pink Carnation series.


De-Lovely (2004; Kevin Kline, Ashley Judd)
I picked this off the library shelf at random. I thought the title sounded interesting, and when I saw the cover (and the time period for the film was set), I wanted to see it even more. It is a sort of musical based on composer Cole Porter’s life. The set up is interesting because it is Porter and another man, who is presumably “directing”, who are creating a musical show about Porter’s life–he’s creating a show about his past, parts of which he wants to skip over and parts he wants to relive longer. I think it was touching to do the movie in that sort of way, although I wonder if the real Cole Porter, who died in the sixties, would have liked and disliked those same parts of his life.


One thought on “Sunday Salon {1/15/2012}

  1. Too bad about your husband! It’s not fun taking care of someone when you can’t do anything for the pain….

    Are you enjoying The Lake of Dreams?

    I watched De-Lovely awhile ago….intriguing.

    Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST and here’s

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