Sunday Salon {1/1/2012}

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the holiday season.

Last Sunday, I obviously didn’t post about Christmas as I’d only had one Christmas before I wrote up the post. So here’s my Christmas update: Sunday, we had my immediate family’s Christmas (Christmas #2) and brunch. I know it would take FOREVER since there are now 11 of us opening presents, but I do miss everyone opening gifts one at a time in a round-robin sort of fashion. We did that growing up–pretty much to make sure the giver got a thank you from the receiver 😛 But now we open presents all pell-mell and I don’t think it’s all that personal. Anyways, after that we had my mother-in-law’s family Christmas (Christmas #3), which really only consisted of grandma coming. All the cousins were visiting their in-laws or had new babies or went to their own parents’ house for Christmas–my mother-in-law feels like the black sheep of the family, sometimes. But it was still nice. And Monday was Christmas #4, my father-in-law’s family Christmas. Which was mostly the cousin (male) and Nick, his brother, and dad all shooting clay pigeons for a couple hours–nothing like Christmas without breaking out the 12-gauge 🙂 (Well, at least not to the family I married into haha) Christmas #5 was my dad’s family Christmas which consisted of us all driving to a half-way point and having dinner and drinks at a TGIFridays. But, of course I got to hear stories about my grandma (she was a sort of crude lady), and I always love those! My final Christmas–mom’s family–is in January so I still have a couple weeks until Christmas is over. Hence why my tree will stay up until the holiday season is officially over for me. For your viewing pleasure, take a look at my adorable nephew and my sister (not his mom) on Christmas morning:

This past week at work was sort of weird–working at a daycare the week between Christmas and New Year’s is pretty irregular, I found. Monday, for instance, there were only two kids in the whole center, so I helped my boss put together some new cribs and left early for my father-in-law’s family Christmas. Every day of the week there was some kid or other missing, spending time with family or who knows what. Friday after work, Nick and I looked at a house that was actually only a couple miles down the country road from where my older sister lives. But it’s a no-go. Nick found too much that was “bad” about it. Which sucks because I really liked it, probably because it’s the farmhouse version of the house my parents have, so it reminded me of my childhood home (which I have only been away from for about 1.5 years).

Reading-wise, I finished re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowsthis is my third time reading it.

But I did watch a new movie this week:

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011; Bingbing Li, Gianna Jun)
If I haven’t said it before, I really do like when new movies include language appropriate for the story. For instance, much of this movie was spoken in Chinese, which I loved. Oh, and of course it’s always nice that when English is spoken, it is with the proper accent (I don’t like the British accent with which every foreigner spoke in the films of old).
That being said, I did enjoy this movie. It’s been years since I read the book and I don’t remember much of the details. But I do remember someone dying from an allergic reaction to bees, which wasn’t in the movie (am I making that part up in my mind?). And I think the movie quickly skipped through how the relationship between Snow Flower and Lily grew, which I remember taking up a lot of the book. The film focused more on the girls in the present, where the book (I think) centered more on the girls in the past. Nevertheless, I really want to reread the book because, assuming the costumes are correct, I will be able to imagine the world better than ever!

And in case you forgot what my reading resolutions are for 2012–I posted them four weeks ago!–here they are again, for the record:

  • Copyright 2012 Resolution
    I want to read at least FIVE books published in 2012
  • Personal Collection Resolution
    I want to read at least TEN books I have owned in 2011 or before
  • Years of Books Resolution
    I want to read at least FIVE books that satisfy unfulfilled years in my long term Years of Books Goal
  • Inspirational Resolution
    In an attempt to experience genres I’ve never really tried, I want to read at least FIVE books categorized in “inspiration”
  • Around the World in 12 Books Challenge
    This is a challenge hosted by my book-blogger friend, Shannon at Giraffe Days. The challenge will allow traveling through the written word. Here’s the schedule:
    —January – South Africa
    —February – Bangladesh
    —March – Guatemala
    —April – Tanzania
    —May – Cuba
    —June – Germany
    —July – Iran
    —August – Mexico
    —September – Philippines
    —October – Denmark
    —November – Peru
    —December – Iceland
  • Readers Imbibing in Peril VII Challenge
    This is assuming the RIP Challenge will continue again this year. But the challenge is to read a certain amount of spooky/creepy books in September and October. I decided to do what has been in the past, Peril the First–FOUR books.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {1/1/2012}

  1. Wow! You have taken on a lot of challenges. Good for you. It’s always a good thing to test ourselves!

    Here are my Reading Resolutions for 2012.

  2. Melissa W. says:

    Sounds like you had busy Christmas!

    Here is my Sunday Salon.

  3. bookworm says:

    Happy new year! It sounds like you are having a lovely holiday season. Good luck with your resolutions, and here’s hoping you find your perfect house in 2012!

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