Travel the Globe Sub-Resolution = COMPLETE

In February, I added a sub-resolution to my Travel the Globe resolution that would take me to more regions in the world than six specific countries. So I resolved to read books set in geographical and/or cultural regions. Here is my original sub-resolution (not including the sub-sub-resolution, in which I also resolved to read books set in American regions, which I failed):

::EDIT (February 21, 2011)::
I’ve decided to expand this resolution. While I will still follow the above resolution, I’m just going to add a bit to it. In order to see even more of the world in 2011 (via books, of course), I want to read at least one book located in each of these “geographic regions”. (I was going to go with continents, but there are many more “geographic regions”, such as Central America and the Middle East.) And, note this: the books read for the original resolution may still be counted towards my greater “worldly reading” addition.

North America – Honolulu by Alan Brennert (up-and-coming Honolulu)
Central America – The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw by Bruce Barcott (Belize)
South America – In Praise of the Stepmother by Maria Vargas Llosa (Peru)
the Caribbean – The Polished Hoe by Austin Clarke (Barbados)
—–(I did not end up finishing this book, but I took in more than half and I feel that I got a pretty good picture of the country and time)
Western Europe – The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco (Italy)
Eastern Europe – The Free World by David Bezmozgis (about half of this book takes place through memories in Soviet-occupied Latvia)
Northern Asia – Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by Dai Sijie (China)
Southern Asia – The Disappeared by Kim Echlin (Cambodia)
Oceania – Potiki by Patricia Grace (New Zealand)
the Middle East – Bliss by OZ Livaneli (Turkey)

Africa – Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away by Christie Watson (Nigeria)

In an effort to keep this more relevant to expanding my worldly reading, I’m trying to read books published in the last 50 years ago. More relevant to today, that way :)

Obviously, the books I read for each region are included in that list, along with links to my reviews. I’m glad I finally accomplished this sub-resolution.


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