Sunday Salon {12/4/2011}

I can’t believe it is already December! Where has the year gone?! I have been working for eight months. I’ve almost been married for a year (December 18th is our anniversary). Nick and I are getting excited to eat some of that wedding cake that’s taking up space in the freezer. As you can see, I finally decorated for Christmas. That’s my tiny tree and all my ornaments. Eventually, I intend to have a tree just for Peanuts ornaments. Hallmark makes a bunch of Peanuts ornaments, so half my ornaments are Peanuts because I get a few of them every year from my mom for Christmas.

As it’s December, I’m thinking more and more about resolutions for the coming year. As far as 2012 goes, I am expecting a very big year. Nick and I will be purchasing a house sometime in 2012 because, basically, it’s time. We’ve been in this apartment for two years and it’s nice, but we’ll need a house because of something else that will happen in 2012. We plan on starting our family next year. Nick’s looking for a new job, so as soon as he does that it’s a new house and then starting our family. I can’t wait! After being together for 8.5 years, to put it simply, I want to have Nick’s baby and be a mommy!

The beginning of December is a time of many birthdays in my family and circle of friends. My sister’s birthday is the 1st, Nick’s is the 5th, my niece and another good friend’s birthdays are the 6th. (Nick gets so many presents in December–his birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas are all in one month! Makes it easier for me to buy him big gifts to count for all of it haha) Anyways, Saturday was my niece’s birthday party.

As for resolutions in my booking life, here is my official declaration of the only resolutions in which I will partake this year. I didn’t really overextend myself in 2011 for my resolutions, but some of my “sub-resolutions” will be unfulfilled. I just know I won’t finish them. Plus, considering what I will be doing in 2012 outside my reading world, I think this is plenty. So here they are (they are also listed on my blog page about 2012):

  • Copyright 2012 Resolution
    I want to read at least FIVE books published in 2012
  • Personal Collection Resolution
    I want to read at least TEN books I have owned in 2011 or before
  • Years of Books Resolution
    I want to read at least FIVE books that satisfy unfulfilled years in my long term Years of Books Goal
  • Inspirational Resolution
    In an attempt to experience genres I’ve never really tried, I want to read at least FIVE books categorized in “inspiration”
  • Around the World in 12 Books Challenge
    This is a challenge hosted by my book-blogger friend, Shannon at Giraffe Days. The challenge will allow traveling through the written word. Here’s the schedule:
    —January – South Africa
    —February – Bangladesh
    —March – Guatemala
    —April – Tanzania
    —May – Cuba
    —June – Germany
    —July – Iran
    —August – Mexico
    —September – Philippines
    —October – Denmark
    —November – Peru
    —December – Iceland
  • Readers Imbibing in Peril VII Challenge
    This is assuming the RIP Challenge will continue again this year. But the challenge is to read a certain amount of spooky/creepy books in September and October. I decided to do what has been in the past, Peril the First–FOUR books.


Unfortunately, I didn’t finish any books this week. However, I only have about 45 minutes left of Clara and Mr. Tiffany. But I am really enjoying The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw–I’m surprised with how much I’m liking it as a work of non-fiction.


Glee, Season 1 (2009)
Well, my feelings as of last Sunday towards Glee are the same. I like it when the kids sing, even if I wish the singing didn’t sound so studio-recorded when their in a dinky choir room. But, aside from the musical aspect of the show, there isn’t much that interests me. Despite my slightly-less-than-neutral feelings towards the show, I think I might still watch Season 2.

How I Met Your Mother, Season 6 (2010)
I’m glad to finally get caught up with the current season. Since this was the last season, I am finding that there were gaps in my HIMYM knowledge I didn’t even know existed. Some stuff was made clearer. And it was as funny as ever. Apparently I watched more of Season 6 as it originally aired than I realized, because I had seen a lot of these episodes already.

Captain America (2011; Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving)


4 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {12/4/2011}

  1. I’ve been getting into the holiday decorating mood, too; even decorating my blogs (I have eleven!).

    I see you have some snowflakes here…I think I did that last year on my WP blogs, but I’m thinking my headers and backgrounds will do it for me.

    Good luck with your 2012 resolutions….I know that one of my challenges will be to read from my TBR (old ones) stacks.


  2. JannyAn says:

    it looks like 2012 will be a busy year 😉

  3. Laura Cline says:

    I put my tree up right after Thanksgiving. I love the holidays and making my bookish resolutions. Best of luck with yours and with all the other big things that you are planning for the year.

  4. Helen Smith says:

    Happy anniversary for the 18th. That tree looks great. Enjoy the rest of December.

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