Sunday Salon {11/20/2011}

Last night I went to see Mannheim Steamroller live with my parents and two of my three sisters. My sisters and I bought tickets for my mom for her birthday last month–she could listen to Christmas music all year round. And the concert was amazing. It’s not Christmas in my mom’s, sisters’, or my own house without some Mannheim Steamroller. For those of you unaware as to what’s so special about Mannheim Steamroller, they just put a new twist on Christmas classics. They LOVE the use of synthesizers and lutes haha One of my favorite songs of their’s is Deck the Halls, which I’ve inserted below if you’re interested in their style. What makes this band even cooler is that the founder is from a farming town not even an hour from where I grew up. And you know I love that personal connection-type stuff.

As much as I love this Christmas music, I will have to wait another week to listen to it. I firmly believe in listening to little to no Christmas music before Thanksgiving. This is strange because the “history” behind Thanksgiving makes it my least favorite holiday (I don’t care what they say, Native Americans and pilgrims did not live together happily for long). When does Christmas music start in other countries that don’t have Thanksgiving to measure by?? Or do other countries not even listen to much Christmas music like we Americans?

Anyways…I went to see Breaking Dawn (or The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 as it’s official fancy name calls it–not sure why they decided to begin calling them “Twilight Saga” when they started the last two movies 😕 ) at midnight on Thursday. And my day working with little kids for eight hours on four hours of sleep when pretty normal. Of course I fell asleep at 7pm on Friday night, but it was worth it. (More of my thoughts on the movie below.)


I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this morning. This will have been my third time reading it. I’m having the feeling right now that it might be one of my most favorites, but I also think I know why I’m feeling that way. HP movies 1-5 show ALL the time on TV here–and I tend to watch them so much that I know the movies better than the books. But I haven’t seen this film more than a handful of times, so the book is still rather untarnished by Hollywood. Regardless, I’m getting sad that my rereading of the whole series is almost at an end. I’ve very thankful to Shannon at Giraffe Days for creating the Harry Potter Reading Marathon, which gave me a real reason to read the books I’ve been longing to read again ever since 2007 when I last reread the whole series.

I’m really enjoying the annotated edition of Sense and Sensibility. I just HAD to get this edition and read the book in this, the bicentennial of its publication. I’m also really liking Clara and Mr. Tiffany on audiobook. I really like books set during the turn of the (20th) century–1890s in this case. I just love the big salad bowl the US became at that point.


Yet again, Nick and I haven’t found the time to watch those last few episodes of HIMYM Season 5. I swear, there are only a few episodes of that season to watch. I guess I never really mentioned what shows I watch on TV regularly. They are How I Met Your Mother (currently in its 7th season), Two Broke Girls (its 1st season), Big Bang Theory (in its 5th season), The League (3rd season) and, my guilty pleasure, America’s Next Top Model (a reality show, currently in its 17th “cycle”).

Bad Teacher (2011; Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel)
Meh. It was pretty funny at parts. Considering I have my degree in secondary education–social studies, not English like the movie–it was comical because I know there will be days I feel like hiding some liquor in my desk or have a major hangover from the night before. Well, let’s me honest–I’m not much of a drinker, so I doubt I will find myself in either of those situations.

Cars 2 (2011; Owen Wilson, Michael Caine)
I greatly disliked this one. There are some movies that are just so good, sequels stand no chance. And I think that’s how Cars and Cars 2 panned out. This second one focuses on Mater rather than Lightning McQueen and the story isn’t very intriguing. I know it’s for kids. But maybe instead of a sequel to Cars it just should’ve been it’s own spin-off on it’s own part.

Thor (2011; Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth)
I was surprisingly pleased with this movie. As I mentioned in my mini-review of The Green Lantern, I think the comic-book-to-movie thing is a little overdone. But this was very different from many of the other superhero movies I’ve seen. I mean, I know that Spiderman, X-Men, Ironman, and Batman aren’t the same as one another, but those movies have been around for a long time and are even a tad overdone. I like these newer one-movie superheros. This one is going on my Christmas list haha

Breaking Dawn (2011; Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner)
Yes, I was one of the people who went out to see this at a midnight showing. Twilight was the first movie I ever saw at a midnight showing–I also saw New Moon at midnight. So I had to keep up with tradition. I rather liked it, pretty much just as I did the others. Because the powers that be split this book into two movies, a la Harry Potter 7, this was probably the more serious half, with less action. There were some pretty comical parts, mainly during the honeymoon. But the rest was quite dramatic, with what action there was centering on the werewolves quest to destroy ____. (Won’t say what, as to not completely spoil the movie/book for those that haven’t yet read the book.) And I totally nailed the ending of the movie, down to the detail of the last screen shot–it’s not really that hard when you know where the movie is going to end in the story. Needless to say, I await the final movie. But as much as I like the movies when I watch them, I hardly ever have the desire to actually get the movies from the library, a store, or my sister to watch.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {11/20/2011}

  1. I love How I Met Your Mother! Good fun. I haven’t seen all the episodes in series 6 and 7 though, I kept forgetting it was Monday at 8pm and missing them! I’m going to see Breaking Dawn for my birthday so I didn’t read your thoughts – I’m looking forward to it not just because I enjoy the story but because it’ll be the first time Adam and I will have gone out since before Hugh was born.

    I’m well into Half-Blood Prince – it’s funny, but when I started it I couldn’t remember much about it at all, and it wasn’t until Harry gets his timetable that I remembered about the potions book by the “half-blood prince” and all! So cool!

    I really enjoyed doing the Travel the Globe Resolution with you Kristie, and I’ve been thinking about hosting a travel challenge next year – 12 countries, your choice of books, that kind of thing. What do you think? Or were you thinking of doing one?

    • Kristie says:

      I hadn’t really thought of doing a worldly challenge again, but that’s not because I don’t want to. I think I’d be up for another one. I would like it more if everyone read a book from the same country so we could sort of discuss. But I’d still be up for it, even if it was totally independent for everyone.

  2. I have only watched How I Met Your Mother a couple of times…it’s pretty funny, but I already have too many shows on my DVR as it is! I am curious about Two Broke Girls, though.


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