Sunday Salon {10/16/11}

I am SOOO glad that the weather where I live has finally turned. We’re getting our lovely 50s-60s (F) days with wind and sun and the scent of fallen leaves. I wish that a candle could bring justice to the smell of an Ohio autumn–the best place to smell autumn is my parents’ front yard. But no candle I’ve ever smelled can compare!

On another note, this past week has been the week of birthdays for my family. There are family birthdays on October 12 and 13 (cousins), 14 (my aunt and uncle, siblings one year apart), 16 (aunt-in-law), and 17 (my mommy)!! And, what’s even better, one of my cousins came back from active duty somewhere in the Middle East/Africa after having been there for about 10 months 😀 He came back the day after his wife’s birthday, the day of his dad’s 60th birthday–what a great present.

Speaking of birthdays, my three sisters and I are buying tickets for my mom to see Mannheim Steamroller this fall. In my family, Mannheim Steamroller music is played every Christmas. One of my sisters and I are going to go with her. I’m excited to go, too!

And now, the world of books…

I sort of thought it’d be easier to just create a sort of template to interchange my pictures of what I’m reading week-to-week. It’ll be easier for me 🙂 So above is my week in books.
My review link for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Finishing this book allowed me to finish my commitment towards the RIP VI Challenge. But I still have The Victorian Chaise Longue by Marghanita Laski, which is also supposed to be a spooky read (from what I hear)–so I might just go one over that commitment.

I do need to vent a little about The Polished Hoe. It’s not that I’m upset with it or anything. But I’ve had to start the book 3 times 😕 The first restart was just re-listening to Disc 1 because I felt that I hadn’t fully absorbed it while driving around. The second time was about 5 discs in. I was just really confused. So I decided to try one more time from the beginning. At least this time I’m understanding it. But that might only be because I apparently only half-listened to the first few discs originally. It’s not a bad story, but I’m not truly invested much in it. It’s something I have to really pay attention to. The fact that the characters have the same voice is really getting to me. I mean, I appreciate the accent and language of Barbados, but the narrator is focusing too much on getting that right rather than differentiating the characters, which I find to be very important in an audiobook. Regardless, I think I’ll know by the end of this week if I want to continue on til the end or just end it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon {10/16/11}

  1. That’s the tricky thing for me about listening to books on tape: You are listening along and then suddenly come to a busy intersection and, to avert a collision, you must shift your focus from the story to the road. Thus losing the train of the narrative.

    Today I take a second look at Maira Kalman’s wonderful The Principles of Uncertainty in my Sunday Salon post. I hope you will stop by and sign up for the Readerbuzz October Giveaway for Matched!

  2. I just cannot get into audio…I have trouble truly “attending” to things which are done while multi-tasking…like driving or whatever.

    And that would be tricky if the narrator does not differentiate the “voices” of the characters.

    I’m very curious about the Miss Peregrine book….


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