Book Blogger Hop: August 19th-22nd

“What’s the LONGEST book you’ve ever read?”
(religious texts don’t count)

Pretty sure the longest book I’ve ever read is one of the Harry Potter books–whichever is the longest is the lengthiest book I’ve read to date. I know the longest book I own is an unabridged edition of The Count of Monte Cristo, but I haven’t read it yet (only an abridged version) with some-1,400 pages. By copy of Atlas Shrugged is also very long, around 1,000 pages. But I haven’t read it either. (And even if we could count religious texts, I haven’t read any. Can’t stand ’em.)


The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books. Essentially, every weekend Jen posts a topic for book bloggers to discuss on their blogs. I know sometimes I find it hard to think of bookish things to write about (that aren’t reviews), so the Hop gives me some great thoughts to ponder.


3 thoughts on “Book Blogger Hop: August 19th-22nd

  1. Che says:

    I like your picks. I’ve read Atlas Shrugged but havent gotten around to The Count of Monte Cristo. I picked Les Miserables and The Brothers Karamazov.
    I am you newest follower. Do visit me at

  2. I’ve seen quite a few people mention Harry Potter, which just makes me realize that it’s rather surprising that such big books did so well with so many young people! (I love Harry Potter, too!)

  3. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite books – I hope you do get around to reading it! (It’s not only really long, the type is really small!)

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