May 2011 Wrap-Up

Books Read

  • Tevye the Dairyman by Sholem Aleichem
  • Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico
  • Maus I by Art Spiegelman
  • Maus II by Art Spiegelman
  • The Odyssey by Homer (a reread)
  • Push by Sapphire (on audiobook)
  • Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
  • The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood
Books Purchased
  • Dreams of Joy by Lisa See–it was released May 31st 🙂
Also, just to let you know, my book buying has sort of changed as of late. I no longer buy a lot of books for myself, which is fine because I have plenty on my shelf that have waited their fair share of time for me to read. Instead, I’ve been buying books for work. What I mean by that is this: I work at a daycare and I am in charge of toddlers (18-36 months). The daycare at which I work is pretty small and fairly new, so it lacks on some precious resources, like books. So I’ve been buying books like board books and what not that are age-appropriate for the kids I work with. Yes, they’re still mine and I’ll take them when/if I leave that job. I look at them as an investment–I know I’ll have kids someday, so the books can be for them too. But I love buying books for my kids at work 🙂 So fun!
New Year’s Resolutions Progress
  • 1 book towards the Victorian Lit Challenge, making 4 total for the 1-4 needed – COMPLETED TO THE FULLEST! 
  • 1 book (I combined Maus I & Maus II as one) towards my Memoir/Biography Resolution (3 more needed)
  • 0 books towards my Non-Fiction Resolution (2 more needed)
  • books towards my Travel the Globe Resolution (4 more for this one)
    0 more for the “Further Exploration” sub-resolution (8 more to go)
    1 more for the “Regional USA” sub-resolution (8 more to go)
  • 3 books from my Personal Collection, which allowed me to COMPLETE THE RESOLUTION and have one to spare
  • 1 book towards my completed Published in 2011 Resolution, making 6 total (resolved to read 5)

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