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I started reading Push by Sapphire (aka Precious) today. Well, actually I’m listening to it on audiobook. And I’m very glad I’m reading it this way. Bahni Turpin is the narrator, and I think it is the way she reads that makes the story so interesting. I’m assuming the book is written in dialect. And, sure I enjoy reading that type of narration because it’s more descriptive of the time and place of the book. But having it read (I hate to say it this way) by an African American woman, plus the dialect from the book is making the story just amazing. And I only listened to about 30 minutes of it!

Oh, and I thought I’d go ahead and just add that Michelle at My Books. My Life. has made me want to read Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away by Christie Watson with her review. I read a summary of it already, but was hesitant to read it. Her review has completely changed my mind 🙂

8 thoughts on “reading update

  1. I just listened to the audio of Push and I actually found that I wish I had read it instead of listened to it. Which it’s tough for me to admit that because I love Bahni Turpin so much. Listening to her as Aibileen on The Help by Kathryn Stockett was incredible and I picked Push because she’s the narrator. Initially, it’s engaging and fascinating but then there are scenes that were too difficult for me to listen to. I’m interested to see what you think of the audio once you finish it – and pop by to my review to see if you felt the same with some aspects of it.

    • Kristie says:

      I actually thought to listen to this one because you mentioned it on your blog and it sounded interesting. And Bahni Turpin sounded amazing, since I knew you enjoyed her so much. But thanks for the heads up about the rough reading ahead of me 🙂 I hope you can look at my review when I finish it!

  2. Oh, yes! 🙂 Bahni Turpin is ABSOLUTELY incredible – I will listen to her read anything! Push is a short audio, about 6 hours, and while it was very tough for me to listen to, I couldn’t stop listening to it. You must listen to Bahni Turpin and the other ladies on The Help by Kathryn Stockett – that is an audio production that completely convinced me that I need to incorporate audiobooks into my overall reading experience. I think The Help is 18 or so hours, and I listened to it in roughly 2 days. Well worth it and Bahni Turpin is fantastic as Aibileen!!

    • Kristie says:

      I actually have read The Help. I finished it right before you started reading it 🙂 But I can tell that she would have done an amazing job with doing Aibileen! Are you going to be watching the movie when it comes out in August?

      • I would highly recommend that you download the audio for The Help anyway and just listen to a few minutes – I guarantee you will be hooked even though you just read the book. It. Is. Amazing. Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see the movie – fingers crossed they do a good job with it. The woman who narrated as Minny on the audio is the same actress who is going to play Minny on the big screen, too! Yay!

      • Kristie says:

        I will definitely look into the audio when I get home from vacation. From the screen shots that I’ve seen of the film, it looks a lot “brighter” and “happier” than what the writing meant to me. But I had noticed from your post that the woman as Minny on the audiobook is the same on the film. I love audiobooks with a cast, so I think that would make this audio even more awesome 🙂

  3. mostraum says:

    I read Push a few years ago and was totally blown away. I think I’m glad I read it instead of listening to it. Mostly because I usually listen to audio books while driving, and driving while crying is usually not a good idea 🙂 Haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll have to get around to it.

    • Kristie says:

      I haven’t seen the movie. I had it from the library earlier this week, but I had just started listening to the book, so I didn’t want to ruin any surprises or anything, so decided not to watch it. But I’ll watch it when I finish the book probably. Haven’t cried yet, but I just started chapter/part 3. But I’ll keep some tissues in the car! 😀

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