Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris by Paul Gallico

TitleMrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris
Author: Paul Gallico
Genre: fiction
ISBN: none
Length: 147 pages
Published: 1958
Source: public library
Rating: 3/5
Resolutions/Challenges: none

Reason for Reading: There was no real rhyme or reason as to why I read this. I thought it would be funny, so that’s why I wanted to read it.

Summary: Basically, Mrs. Harris, a London char, discovered the amazing dresses by Christian Dior in the wardrobe of a client and wanted one of her own ever since. The story is of her saving the money and then her week-long adventure to Paris to attain her dream dress. While in Paris, she touches the lives of certain people in an almost cheesy way (in my opinion haha)

My Thoughts: This book was nothing special. I had expected more comedy, a la Wodehouse with his Jeeves and Wooster. But not much of this story was very funny, but I got the feeling it was supposed to be. While the story wasn’t funny, it wasn’t bad either. So, for that, it gets a neutral rating from me. And there’s not really much else to say…


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