my life in April 2011

To follow in the steps of my previous monthly summary…

Where My Weight is Concerned
I was honestly going to do as I did in March and try to work out every day in April. But that didn’t exactly happen. I did however, maintain my weight through the whole month–I am down to 140 pounds 🙂 And I’m very happy with the way I’m looking and feeling. But the reason–or rather my excuse, because that is what it is–I didn’t work out much this month is explained next.

Where I am on the Job Front
On April 11th I started a full time job at a daycare in my hometown (I now live about 25 minutes away from there haha). The daycare is actually right down the road from where I grew up/my parents’ house. Anyways, I’m the toddler teacher, so I’m basically responsible for the 18-36 month olds for most of the day. So, I went from teaching teenagers during my student teaching (that’s what my degree is in, social studies for 7-12th graders) to teaching toddlers basic knowledge and skills (like colors, counting, and motor skills). But I’m really loving it. Of course there are days when I’m just exhausted when I get home. That’s my “reason” for not working out much the last couple weeks. I’ve never had a full time job–I’ve worked part time while going to university, but never a full time job. So I am just getting used to the way I have to manage my time. I definitely can’t work out twice a day like I was during the later part of March. But May is just around the corner, so I’m going to try more to work out on a consistent routine, even if it’s not exactly every day.
(Oh, and no that’s not a picture of my daycare. But it’s a pretty good representation of what I do haha)

In the World of Reading
I read only four books this month 😦

  • The Help by Kathryn Stockett
  • The Free World by David Bezmozgis
  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  • Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
I didn’t even add any books to my TBR list this month! I think that’s because I got behind with my new job as far as reading blogs goes. I guess April was just sort of a funky month in multiple areas.
But I did actually purchase a couple books this month:
  • Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen (Kindle Edition)
  • Dreams of Joy by Lisa See (a pre-order, as it doesn’t come out til May 31st)
  • The Annotated Sense & Sensibility by David M Shapard & Jane Austen (pre-order, comes out May 3rd)–I got this even though I already own a S&S because it is the bicentennial year of its publication and I loved the annotated P&P

I have progressed with my New Year’s Resolutions a bit:

  • 3 books towards the Victorian Lit Challenge (1-4 needed, so I could be done :)  )
  • 1 book towards my Memoir/Biography Resolution (4 more needed)
  • 3 books towards my Non-Fiction Resolution (2 more needed)
  • 2 books towards my Travel the Globe Resolution (4 more for this one, 8 for the “Further Exploration” sub-resolution)
  • 5 books towards my Published in 2011 Resolution – COMPLETED!!
  • 8 books from my Personal Collection (2 more to go)

2 thoughts on “my life in April 2011

  1. Chelsea says:

    Congrats on the new job! My mom is a preschool teacher (working with the 12-18 month-ers) so I know how tiring a job this can be. But I also know just how important preschool teachers are in helping kids establish the right relationship to learning, so I applaud you! I also can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Lost Symbol – I love Dan Brown *blushes* but this was my least favorite of the Robert Langdon books, so I’m always wanting to know what others are thinking. Thanks for a great update!

  2. Paige says:

    Sounds like quite a change–teenagers to toddlers! On second thought…aren’t they fairly similar? =) Glad to hear you’re liking your new job, and I hope you continue to!

    You’re doing much better on the reading front than I am, so four books is nothing to be frowny about. The only reading I do is for school. *sigh*

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