Dewey’s Read-a-Thon Results

I am so lame.

I greatly overestimated how much free time I was going to have this past weekend. After spending two hours getting groceries Saturday morning, I was all prepared to spend the rest of the day reading for Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon (which I planned on modifying to read 12 hours Saturday and 12 hours Sunday). Then I got news that my best friend had a family thing come up, so we had to move up our shopping trip I was taking her on for her birthday. And then Sunday, well, I had so much cooking and cleaning to do. And I started a new job today, at a daycare, and I just had a lot of other stuff on my mind.

As a result, I ending up reading about 10 hours total for the weekend 😦

And I wouldn’t have even got that much if I hadn’t just happened to have The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my iPod (obviously as an audiobook).

I don’t feel like I “participated” in this Read-a-Thon, since my involvement was so lax. I promise I’ll do the best I can in the fall when the next one comes around 🙂

Oh, but I did finish the book I was already halfway through before the event started: The Free World by David Bezmozgis. A review follows this post.


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