Top Ten Tuesday: All in the Family

Family members are, for the most part,  people you are stuck with 🙂 Luckily for me, I love my family. I have three sisters (one older, two younger) and my parents and I love them all. My extended family is where I find the “crazies”, such as my stuffy grandma and my pervy uncle. But I still love them and get excited to see them. And while I wouldn’t exactly want to change any of my family members, I wouldn’t mind having certain book characters added into the mix 😀

This–characters as family members–is the topic of today’s Top Ten Tuesday hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. (Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This meme was created because they are particularly fond of lists and books, so they put the two together.)

Once again, my list is in no particular order:

1) any and/or all of the March sisters from Little Women (sisters)
I have three sisters, so we used to play “Little Women” when we were younger–I got to be Jo because I’m the 2nd 🙂 But I think that in itself is proof that I would love to have any or all of the March girls as my sisters. They’re all vastly different from each other, which will make for fun family get-togethers

2) Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins (sister)
A sister who is willing to die for me is a great asset. Katniss is so strong, especially in ways that I am not (i.e. archery, botany) so if I needed someone to save me, she’d be the one!

3) Bridget Jones (sister/cousin)
I don’t know that I would want Bridget as a sister because I think she and her problems might be a bit much for me 🙂 But I do love Bridget, so maybe a cousin would be a better role for her…

4) Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series (brother)
I don’t want Harry Potter, I want Ron! First of all, I don’t want to be completely upstaged by a sibling, which I’m sure would happen if Harry were my brother. That’s not to say that Ron is stupid, but he definitely isn’t famous like Harry. And secondly, Ron is used to a family–he’s not, in essence, an only child. While Ron doesn’t have many sisters, just Ginny, at least he knows how to handle it 🙂 (Plus, I always loved Ron more than Harry in the books!)

5) Peter Pan (brother/cousin)
Again, not sure if I’d want him as a brother or a cousin. But Peter Pan sure knows how to have a fun and adventurous time. And if he could take me to what is, in essence, a parallel universe, all the better!

6) Marmee from Little Women (mom)
I love Marmee. While I love my own mom to death, if I had to pick a replacement for her, I’d go with Marmee.

7) Auntie Mame from the Auntie Mame books by Patrick Dennis (aunt)
Auntie Mame is a bit flakey sometimes, but she’s such fun!

8.) the old ladies from The Rain Catchers by Jean Thesman (grandma/great aunt)
I just love the family dynamic in this book and the old ladies in it are just so cool. They remind me of my deceased grandma–always up for a fun time!

9) Matthew Cuthbert from the Anne series (dad)
Matthew is so sweet and loves Anne so much, what could be better in a dad. Who doesn’t want a doting father?!

10) Captain Shakespeare from Stardust by Neil Gaiman (uncle)
Okay, I don’t remember Captain Shakespeare being as outlandish in the book as he is in the movie (I guess it’s time to reread the book, eh? 🙂 ) Nevertheless, he’d be an amazing uncle! And who wouldn’t want to ride on the boat suspended by a zeppelin through the air to harvest lightning?! (The video below is Captain Shakespeare in the movie–he’s not exactly portrayed that way in the book)


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: All in the Family

  1. Marmee is a popular choice. One of mine too!

    Here is my Top Ten Picks post!

  2. Great call on Captain Shakespeare and Peter Pan! I agree that Matthew would make a great father.

  3. Dani @ Born Expat says:

    Holy crap, you have an awesome list! Love the March sisters, Bridget, Peter Pan, Matthew, and Capt. Shakespeare. And you’re right, the Captain definitely wasn’t as, um, flamboyant in the book 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Peter Pan is a good one.

    Also, I think Captain Shakespeare was only in the film version of Stardust. Or am I making that up?

    • Kristie says:

      Well, the airborne ship and its crew are in the book. I can’t recall if his name is given in the book, but he definitely doesn’t have as large a role as the movie would make it seem. But he’s got a kickass job 🙂

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