Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Organize Thy Books!

There aren’t really too many guidelines for this mini-challenge about how you organize your books 😀

Essentially the challenge asks about how you organize your books. But to help that along, I came up with a few questions to guide your thinking. So consider these questions when taking part in this challenge:
-How do you keep track of what books you own?
-How do you organize your books on the bookshelves?
-How do you handle ARCs and reviewing them? (If you do that. I personally don’t, but I know lots of you do.)

So, to answer these questions for myself…
I keep track of the books I own in an Google Spreadsheet (that’s like an Excel document that you can access online through Google Docs anytime, anywhere!) I update it every time I buy a new book. They’re alphabetical by title, but I also keep track of the: author, the publisher, the price, when I bought it, and a Y/N column for if I’ve read it. (I’m ashamed to say that most of those are Ns.) I also have the Bookshelf app on my iPod which keeps track of all of this, but also the ISBN numbers, something I for some reason never put in my document. Oh, and boy am I glad that I keep track of the price. I only have a bit over 200 books, but it accumulates to $2700-worth (something I actually needed to know for insurance purposes 🙂 ).

As for organizing my bookshelves, my system is certainly obscure. To begin with I have all of my Jane Austen and then Jane Austen-related books together. Then come the series, such as Harry Potter, Septimus Heap, and the Pink Carnation series. Following is the non-fiction, the classics, and then this is where it gets weird. I organize my fiction by where the story takes place. So there is Britain, Canada, China, US, etc. I don’t know why I decided to organize this way, but I like it. It lets me know where to go in my bookshelves if I want to travel outside of the US via books. At the very end, though I have my social studies-related books. That includes some non-fiction and some fiction. So I basically take what I deem worthy as educational resources–what I’d use when teaching–and have that at the end. Whenever I actually get a teaching position, those books will of course actually go to my classroom, but they are at home for now 🙂

As I mentioned above, I don’t take ARCs because I don’t review books like that. I mean, I review books for my own pleasure so I can think about how the book made me feel. But I don’t review review them. But if you do, feel free to share how you organize your review books and how you go about organizing your reviews of them.


This mini-challenge is hosted by Jenn at Jenn’s Bookshelves. If you participate in this mini-challenge, please leave a comment about how you organize your own books and/or a link to your own post for this mini-challenge on Jenn’s original post here and also on this post 🙂

Happy Bloggiesta!!


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