Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Buttons and Banners!

Callista at SMS Book Reviews is hosting a mini-challenge for the Bloggiesta. She has some wonderful links to sites that can help us create our own buttons and banners for our blogs! Here are her instructions on her original post:

How To Do Mini-Challenge
To do this mini-challenge, you must make a logo, banner or button and put in on your blog, then come back and comment with a link to the post it’s on. It can be something you actually need such as a reading challenge button or blog logo or it can just be a quick one for fun to show you tried it out.  All registered Bloggiesta participants who comment with a link to their logo/button/banner will be entered to win a publisher sponsored prize!


While the websites Callista mentioned are great, I tend to use the general Paint program and also PowerPoint 2010. But there is a website I discovered when I was in university last year called Wordle ( It’s really cool! All you do is type in a bunch of words and it’ll create something like this:

If you want a word to appear bigger than others, just type it twice. You can choose what directions for the words to appear, the font, the colors, etc. I just put each of these in once–they’re the titles of the books I read last year. I can already see that I made a few mistakes because you can’t leave spaces in the words or they will split up. Unfortunately for this site, you can’t copy the image, so just take a screen shot (the Print Screen button on a PC does this), paste it in PowerPoint and crop it and save it as a picture.

While I don’t use websites to make my buttons or banners, Paint and PowerPoint have pretty much let me make the mediocre buttons I have on my blog that are good enough for me 😀


Don’t forget–if you participate in this challenge leave a comment on Callista’s original post as well as on this post. Happy Bloggiesta!!


2 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini Challenge: Buttons and Banners!

  1. Bina says:

    That looks pretty cool though! I think I’ll try it just for fun 🙂

  2. Callista says:

    Thanks for participating. Yes I’ve used wordle before. You can also put in your blog url or twitter profile url and see what words you say the most.

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