Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional BFFs

We all have our favorite characters from books we’ve read. We don’t even have to necessarily like a book to like a character–although I have read books that were completely ruined because I hated the main character and, had he/she been different, I might have liked it a bit more.

But would you like to be best friends–sometimes affectionately called BFFs–with all of your favorite characters? This week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is “Fictional BFFs”. So, who are you’re Top Ten Characters You’d Like to be Best Friends With? (Below are my own answers)

1) Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series
When I saw last week that this BFF topic would be used for today, I immediately thought of Hermione. That could possibly be because I’m currently listening to Deathly Hallows on audiobook and just saw the movie. But, those points aside, who could ask for a better BFF than Hermione? I mean she’s smart (and sort of grew out of the nerdy aspect of it)! She always has an answer and she’s very quick on her feet. Plus, she’s loyal (I know, that sort of makes her sound like a dog, but that’s not what I mean) and has her own opinions. She’d be the perfect BFF for me. And while I’ve never seen her read more fictional books, if she would read things other than textbooks for pleasure, I’m sure we could have some fun discussions about reading 🙂

2) Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice
This is one I’m not completely sure about. While I love Lizzie, she has very strong opinions. As do I. And I agree with her on practically all points in P&P, but just imagine if we differed in opinion concerning something 😯 It might not turn out so well.

3) Edmond Dantes/the Count of Monte Cristo in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
This is more or less not someone I’d want as a BFF, but someone I wouldn’t want to be enemies with. Seeing what Dantes does to those who wronged him, I would DEFINITELY not want to be on his bad side. Another reason I don’t think I’d be BFFs with him: he holds a grudge. I realize a grudge is something needed to avenge onself–but I don’t know if I could be BFFs with a person who holds a grudge for 20+ years! So, again, I’ll just keep this guy on my good side 😀

4) Bridget Jones in Bridget Jones’s Diary (both 1st and 2nd books) by Helen Fielding
I love Bridget. And while she’s supposed to be a modern Lizzie Bennet (only not as clever, I think), she’s totally goofy. And her whole group of friends seem pretty funny. Although I don’t know how Bridget would handle my upcoming nuptials (only 19 days from now). It’s clear Bridget doesn’t like “smug marrieds” and I will soon be one (even if I’ve practically been one for years).

5) Peter Pan in Peter Pan by JM Barrie
Who wouldn’t want a friend that could help them fly and take them to another world where there were mermaids and pirates and, oddly enough, Native Americans 😛 Plus, I’d have no worries because there’s nothing to worry about in Never Never Land

6) Eloise Kelly in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig
Eloise is a researcher. Well, research is what she’s doing in England anyways. She loves history–as do I. She loves to research her favorite things–as do I. She’s in England, but hails from the US–I loved the UK when I visited and would love to go back. There’s just so much to lover about Eloise. It’s a shame the series focuses more on what she researches and the modern portions of the book are very few. With seven books in the series, only a few months of Eloise’s life have been described. I’d love to know her more 🙂

7) Tristran and/or Yvaine in Stardust by Neil Gaiman
I just love this book and the fantasy of it all. I would love to be best friends with either of these two main characters.  Plus, the adventures they seem to get into sound fantastic and I would love to tag along with them on some escapades.

8.) Anne in the Anne series by LM Montgomery
I love Anne! She’s just the type of person I would love to always have around. And, again, she’s an avid reader–even if those books are of the romantic and dramatic persuasion. I love that she reads. And she teaches–I’ve a degree to teach. But I wouldn’t like to write my own stories, as Anne does. And I would be careful to never tempt her temper 🙂

9) Becky Brandon, nee Bloomwood, in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
While she can be somewhat flighty, I love Becky. She may get into trouble, but she always seems to come out on top. I’m by no means a shopaholic, but I think I could be at the consistent urging of Becky. Even if I think lots of the designer stuff Becky would buy is ugly and I’d never buy it in my life, I could get into the more-normal-looking (cheaper) stuff 😀

10) Jeeves in PG Wodehouse’s books
Even though I don’t get into scrapes often, it would be nice to have someone like Jeeves to help me get out of them.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional BFFs

  1. Great list. I’m so happy to see that Tristran and Yvaine made a list! We also had Peter Pan on our list, but only conditionally.

  2. Elizabeth and Becky made my list too! I would shop with Becky everyday if she picked up the tab and found the perfect clothes for me. Or if she just gave me the ones she only wears one time.

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