this brought tears to my eyes…

I honestly teared up a little upon finding out about this. I was looking through Shannon’s blogroll at Giraffe Days, and upon viewing Christina Reads! blog I found a 30-day Jane Austen meme 😥 This would be right up my alley, if I hadn’t decided to take the year off from Jane Austen. While I wouldn’t even have to look at any of her books to answer any of these questions–I could do it all from memory–I still feel it would be cheating on that particular resolution.

But rest assured, on January 1st, I will answer all 30 questions in one post. And just so I don’t lose the questions, I’m going to go ahead and post them here. I look forward to doing this 😀 😀

The Jane Austen Challenge

1. Favorite Austen heroine.
2. Favorite Austen man.
3. Favorite Austen book.
4. Favorite quote from the books.
5. Favorite moment in the books.
6. Favorite movie adaptation.
7. Favorite Austen couple.
8. Least favorite couple.
9. Most hated foe of a heroine.
10. Most frustrating family member.
11. Least favorite book.
12. Least favorite Austen heroine.
13. Least favorite Austen man.
14. Favorite love confession from the books.
15. Favorite love confession from the films.
16. Least favorite film adaptation.
17. Moment that made you sad/cry while reading.
18. Moment that made you smile/happy while reading.
19. Moment that made you laugh while reading.
20. Moment that made you mad while reading.
21. Favorite Jane Austen-related photo.
22. Favorite Austen female casting decision.
23. Favorite Austen male casting decision.
24. Favorite supporting character.
25. Favorite family connection (i.e. sister-sister, mother-daughter, brother-sister, etc.)
26. Favorite casting cameo from the films.
27. Favorite quote from the films.
28. Favorite moment from the films.
29. Favorite character back story or secret.
30. Character you most relate to.


One thought on “this brought tears to my eyes…

  1. Eva says:

    I’ll be curious to see your answers later! I can’t imagine taking a year away from Austen though. 😉

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