Booking Through Thursday: Foreign

Name a book (or books) from a country other than your own that you love. Or aren’t there any?

Most of my favorite books take place and are written by foreign authors. My all time favorite novel is The Count of Monte Cristo, set in France, by Alexandre Dumas, a Frenchman. I also love Jane Austen’s works, which are all English/British. I think I tend to read more American-authors/American-based books than I really believe I do. I haven’t often cared for the American lit classics (Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, etc.), but more recent works by American authors have been catching my eye lately. Reading is somewhat of a vacation for me, so I guess subconsciously I attempt to read more foreign-based books because they take me where I couldn’t as easily travel physically/literally.


One thought on “Booking Through Thursday: Foreign

  1. I’ve had that same experience lately – I’ve been reading a lot more American authors than I used to. Probably because I’ve read most of the American “classics” now, and I guess I’m branching out. I still tend to think my favorite authors are mostly English/British, though. And I love your comment about reading being a vacation – it is for me, too!

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