“Even bad books are books and therefore sacred.” -Gunter Grass

I cannot believe myself. I have given up on a third book for the year–the second one in October alone!! Maybe I’m in somewhat of a reading funk…

I decided to put down The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe 😦 As I mentioned earlier, it has just been taking me forever to read it and I’m still not into it. Granted, I’m only 30 pages in, but the actual time of reading I’ve put in is enough to tell me I just won’t like it.

And, I believe I have figured out why I’m just not into it. The story is told in third-person. This normally doesn’t bug me…if there is the slightest hint of dialogue. I have read about 30 pages, which is about 90 minutes of reading and there has maybe been two small sets of dialogue. I loathe stories told as mostly third-person narration. I remember reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving in 8th grade (8 years ago 🙂 ) and hating it. That story is told mostly in narration as well. I love the cartoon movie of this story and even the more recent film called Sleepy Hollow, but I couldn’t stand reading the book. I know why I don’t like narration-based stories: I don’t feel involved in the story. It’s such a passive way to present a story, I suppose, and I’d rather be more involved in it (such as the occasional dialogue or especially first-person recounting).

Even though I have flipped through the book and found plenty of dialogue later, it will take about 150 more pages before I get there and I just can’t read pure third-person narration for that long.

So, I am sorry, Ann Radcliffe. Catherine Morland loved your writing in Northanger Abbey, but I would just rather read things I will enjoy more right now 😕


One thought on ““Even bad books are books and therefore sacred.” -Gunter Grass

  1. Kelly says:

    There’s nothing wrong with putting a book down 🙂 Some books just aren’t meant for certain people. I’ve had to put down quite a few. One classic, Robinson Crusoe, which I was really excited to read, turned out to be so boring and ridiculous that I stopped reading it half way through.

    At least now you have time to read books you’ll really enjoy 🙂

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